Monday, February 27, 2012

Real "Lifeboat Feminism" at work.

The controversy over the "Costa Concordia" cruise-ship catastrophe seemed over done to me.

I have never really warmed to the idea of living on a floating hotel as a vacation although if it provides a way to get somewhere - that is different.  I guess is meshes with a "half the fun is getting" there kind of attitude.

However when it happened, I was reminded of the March 2006 sinking of BC Ferry "Queen of the North" off Prince Rupert BC while innuendo the 2 officers on watch were engaged in sexual antics for the 14 minutes the ship proceeded on the wrong heading at full speed until ploughing into an island.  That was a real catastrophe as it was a regular commuter run in a remote part of the country upon which many communities depend.  Plus it was run by the Government so it has all the best procedures and highly paid people to operate.  In other words -  "No Excuses".  How could they have been so derelict in duty to allow the ship to crash?

After the Costa Concordia was rescued, the criticism swirled around the vessel's skipper.
Was he a coward for his behaviour?
It seemed that the mainstream feminists were saying exactly that.
And I wondered "what happened to equality" - wasn't he justified in saving his life?

But then I read this article by Canadian Blogger "Elusive Wapiti" that reveals the true nature of "Lifeboat Feminism".

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