Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tom Ball - Ich war nur Befehle befolgt

Ok, by now I assume everyone has heard about New Hampshire "dead-broke" Dad - Tom Ball, on account of his horrific suicide by self-immolation on the steps of his Keene County Courthouse Thurs June 16, 2011.

It is another example of the terrible cost of the injustice Family Law has brought to America.  I was impressed that the local rag - The Sentinel - covered it as well as they did due to the traditional reluctance to "publicize" suicides.   (I have often thought this is purely misandric, gender discrimination as we have become de-sensitized to perpetual accounts of women being assaulted etc. and no one know about the suicide crisis (mostly male)  because we never hear about them.  People just "go missing" and we rarely hear about the outcome/resolution if it is a suicide.)

Anyways, Tom Ball - it is a crime what happened and even though I didn't know ya, you will be missed.  I have taken you comments seriously and will attempt to see that they are heard.   Last year Alberta Views Magazine included an article entitled "Turquoise Sea" by a writer whose father committed suicide - and her angst and hollowness that  followed.    (I have PDF here.)

One of Tom Ball's best suggestions was for the cops to add "I was just following orders" in German to their Miranda warning when making the mandatory DV arrests.  To help, I translated it with Goggle "Ich war nur Befehle befolgt" 

Finally, I am going to ask the Disenfranchised Dad's Choir to sing their biggest hit.

( June 20 Update: I am abit disappointed to find that teh Keene Sentinel has already taken down Tom Ball's "Manifesto" - so I have reprinted and archived as PDF excerpt from the FreeKeene blog here.)

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