Tuesday, February 21, 2012

HOORAY! - Male "Feminist" Hugo Schwyzer thrown under the bus.

I am pleased about this for two reasons.

1) The utter hypocrisy of a male "feminist" has been exposed.  Hugo Schwyzer was unmasked when he happily admitted to seducing college students (women) while he was their chaperon.  Plus he revealed he planned a murder/suicide of a girlfriend who broke up with him - but that lead him to his "feminism".  How sick is that?

2) Clearly shows that feminists do not accept "male" feminists in theory or practice.  This proves the intellectual bankruptcy of this ideology and that - "Feminism is Communism in Drag".

Hopefully Jackson Katz - or anyone of the many confused "honorary women" and douchebag gender traitors - are next.

(Also, online magazine "The Good Men Project" seems to also have received it's "marching orders" and is having trouble complying.  Since the mag started, many have been trying to point out the inconsistency's of it's mandate.  This is finally starting to dawn on the CEO Tom Matlack.) 

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