Sunday, October 23, 2011

9/11 : The Falling Man

9/11: The Falling Man is documentary based on a photograph taken by an Associated Press photographer who captured some of the over 200 people who chose to jump from the World Trade Center towers. The film asks the questions: Who exactly is The Falling Man? And why was his picture and the images of others who jumped removed from our collective memory and mourning of 9/11. A devastating, must-watch documentary.
A study in the pathology of shock, denial and horror - and the collective reaction of media and government.  It examines why it may have happened, what social mores were broken and how whatever truths we can know could be suppressed.  The reactions of family and others are instructive in explaining how we confront some hard truths.

And this article on the 10th Anniversary of 9 /111 made sense to me.


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