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Lysistrata - The Sex Strike

Review of new play adapted from the Greek classic by notorious feminist - Germaine Greer, caught my eye. It follows the release of a fictional novel "The Uncoupling" last year that I recall from this interview.

The interview mentions a number of fairly modern examples of this philosophy. What I feel is most revealing is how this is merely seeks to bring the challenge of connubial sexuality into the public square.  One must ask, why?

Weaponizing Sex

Clare's Law being considered in the UK?  What the hell is it?

They already have a Sarah's Law that allows British women the right to go to their local cop shop and ask if their partners have had any convictions or accusations of paedophilia on their police record. This was a law campaigned for by a newspaper (News of the World) that at the same time was hacking into the phones of the relatives of the murdered girl – Sarah – who it was named after. Now it looks like women will soon have the authority to further invade their boyfriend’s privacy on the pretext of ending domestic violence (only against womyn).

At the same time we have this example.
Courtney Stodden is 16.
She is marrying 51 year old actor, Doug Hutchinson.
She hopes to pursue her career in Entertainment.

Unusual - perhaps.  But need I say more.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Support for idea that the case against Cayle Anthony was circumstantial

A terrible case - no doubt - and I would not want to excuse her bizarre behaviour, but here is some further evidence that it was a very shakey case from the start.  Also, reference to  Nancy Grace's "damn the torpedo's" frenzy as suspiciously bad conduct that got her punted before.


The (female) reporter - Mac McClelland - met a women in Haiti when she was there to report on the 2010 Earthquake who had  been raped.  McClelland was SO distraught by this experience (meeting the women, hearing about the encounter, witnessing how she reacted when she thought she seen her attacker etc) - that she couldn't get over it.   With agreement of her therapist she asked a friend to simulate her rape.

Yes, she asked a (male) friend to "rape" her.

This is a whole new level of strange.

At the same time - - is coming to Canada.

You can't make this stuff up.

[*Just to clarify in-case people interpret my comments as "condoning rape" or some such poppycock. Given what I know of Haiti (Montreal has a very large ex-patriot community on account of the French culture and amity. Haiti is "the poorest in the Western hemisphere" according to CIA 1999 figures.) I do not doubt that rape is rampant in this sad, lawless, corrupt, ungoverned, crumbling and desperately poor country.  In these economically and socially impoverished circumstances I think there is much higher possibility of needless violence and personal crime of opportunity. Given the chaos and tumult post-earthquake (Jan 2009) I believe women and girls without constant protection are more vulnerable - and have very likely been subject to this terrifying sexual violation.  But I think it is a REAL PROBLEM when we (Westerners) attempt to transport our social standards about these crimes to such countries and then are shocked ("Shocked" I tell you) when it turns out very badly. It is naive in the extreme and deliberately courting disaster. So, this reporters attitude and behaviour causes me more subsequent alarm than the fact of cruel abuse suffered by these poor women in Haiti.]

(h/t to RamZPaul)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Does Family Breakdown contribute to Male Suicide?

Recently (July 2011) we had the very sad suicide of a "Dead-Broke" Dad  - Byron James Chayeski - who was overwhelmed by his mis-treatment under Family Law.  He was unable to cope and it took him down.

Then on May 9th there was another mysterious "disappearance" that turned out to be another suicide by a solider - Corporal Richard Curnow - who had only recently returned from courageous service in Afganistan - but who was also unable to deal with his wife's decision to divorce.   This was close to home as it occured on my regular weekly running route.

Here was how I reported it to a friend:
A couple of weeks ago a 27yr old solider (Master Corporal Curnow) -- recently returned from 2nd tour in Afganistan - and took his own life in an unusual manner. I mention it because it was - at least initially - reported as a missing person by his wife. 
Unlike the newspaper article - a TV news report also let slip that "they" had decided to divorce, were living separately and (presumably at her initiation) were discussing possible divorce. It was reported that Cpl. Curnow had spend the night prior to the fatal training run (here he disappeared) with a visit of his 3yr old daughter - and then returned her to his now-separated spouse that evening/morning.
Early the next morning he disappeared while on training run with his platoon on a route I do 2-3x week - so I am well familiar with it. The route follows the South Saskatchewan River which is a river park system thru the center of our city (Edmonton AB = 1 million pop). It is a large river fed from the mountains in the west and is always pretty cold (refreshing in July/August - but you need a wetsuit for anything over 3mins) but at this spring time of the year it is high, cold and swift. MCpl. Curnow was training for a local annual endurance race with a 30kg pack and he disappeared on a long bend that follows right along the river in a wooded area.
I believe he may have just entered the water and swam out until he was taken and swept under by the current.  Hypothermia, drowning or both - and few would have seen him at that time 7:30am and along that stretch of the river. I speculate, but it may be possible he could not bear the pain/sense of failure associated with his wife leaving him. Spending time with his daughter the evening prior must have driven home to him that he was going to have to face this reality - and that perhaps, perhaps - he might lose that contact. 
Men of iron are brittle.
The common point I wish to raise is that men are much more heavily "blind-sided" by marriage breakdown - and normally they are on the receiving end "These boots are made for Walking: Why most divorce filers are women"  Douglas ALLEN SFU (with Margaret BRINIG) American Law and Economics Review Vol. 2(1) Spring 2000, pp. 126--169.)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cdn Supreme Court - loophole?

This decision from the Supreme Court was released today and I can't help but agree with Mike Murphy (who commented about this on FB) that he feels the guy - for a change - just won on this one.  Personally, I think it says alot more about why we allow farmers to be exempt than anything.

Celebrity Divorce - Daniel BALDWIN

Another sad case of celebrity divorce spills into the pages of tabloid press - but with a slightly different angle. Dad got off the 1st round.
In this case it is the younger brother to Stephen Baldwin - who suffered his own celebrity divorce and when on to write a book about the vicious tactics of lawyers he experienced.

In this case, Daniel seems to have established a good opening - perhaps drawing on his brothers experience.


Sad News - a dad crushed by Family Law takes his own life

Terrible story.  This fellow contacted ECMAS last week to seek some help in his desperate situation.  He spoke to Ferrel briefly.  Another person who refereed him said he was in bad shape.

Byron James Chayeski was 38 and basically reduced to living in his truck. He was found in it dead on Mon July 11 about 16k South of Canora SK - supposedly en route on return to Yorkton.

Here is email to Ferrel:

Good day Farrell,

I spoke with you on the telephone this morning regarding the M.E.R.G.E. organization. I am very interested in joining this organization, I have been a Paramedic for 16 years and have dedicated my
life to helping people. Now when I need assistance in FAIR treatment in the courts and with access to parenting time with my daughter, I appear
to have no help what so ever. 

I have spent over $27,000.00 thus far, I have a parenting plan inplace in which it followed my rotation at work
which was 6 days on and 5 days off, now my rotation has changed and we now work a 4 day on and 4 day off rotation. My ex is not willing to  change the parenting plan, and now is no longer even following the 6 and
5 court order.

I went to the R.C.M.P. for assistance, they advised me there was nothing they could do because it doesnt say in the order that  it is enforceable by them. I have been forced into bankruptcy, I have lost my home, my vehicle, she obtained and order in which I am required  to pay her vehicle payment as well as child support ( which I do not
have a problem paying) and spousal support. 

It was her decision to end the relationship and marriage, I asked her to reconcile, I advised her I
would do absolutely anything to "get my family back", she declined. I am not abusive and have an affidavit from my first ex stating this fact, I do not drink, I do not gamble, I didn't smoke until all this started.....I don't get it! I just want to parent my daughter and spend the time with her.

The only reason she is still living in Canora is because I have a court order stating my daughter MUST have a residence here, otherwise I would NEVER be allowed to see her! Can you PLEASE help me? I just want to spend the time with my daughter, she is the light in my life. 

If it was not through the kindness of friends here, I would be living on the street and have no vehicle. I have moved in with a friend, I pay her as much as I can a month for rent......which is usually not much, I have borrowed a vehicle from a friend so I can get back and forth to and from work ( a 1989 dodge half ton and meanwhile my ex
drives a 2008 Pontiac Torrent that I am forced to pay for). 

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible, before I am forced to live on the streets and lose my job. 

Thank You.
Byron Chayeski.

We must fight this sense of gross injustice.   His daughter will never know her father.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Strange Case of Noah Kirkman

The State of Oregon Child and Family Services makes a bad situation worse by trying to collect child support.  An interesting factor in that case was that Lisa Kirkman has an unusual lifestyle and is a very big advocate of medical marijuana use.

Here is her lawyer's comment about the case and interview

Besides the obvious aspect of Family Law here - there is a bigger issue of International Jurisdiction where our Federal Government does not act to protect citizen's rights.   Here was previous concerns.

Friday, July 08, 2011

True or False - Are there more Black Men in Jail or in College?

Part of the negative image that young black men face - similar but worse than all young men.  These stereotypes are ruthlessly promoted by the media and feminists.

What Black Men Think

Guilty Until Proven Innocent - Premier on July 26

Add another to the indie films to watch for - Guilty Until Proven Innocent - Premier on July 26

Lessons from Tonya Craft I

These criminal lawyer blog from TN refers to the case brought by super-star lawyer and PA advocate, Dr. Demosthenes Lorandos who acted for Tonya Craft.

Still another criminal lawyer from NC regularly rebukes the justice system for their highly questionable behaviour.

How to meet with your Family Attorney

I came across this and thought it was a good, common-sense introduction - courtesy of Milwaukee WI Lawyer,
Nathaniel D. Rothstein, who also seems to have a link at this Mesothelioma Lawyer / Asbestos Cancer injury lawyers website.

Stop The Corruption In Child Support Enforcement - MLJ1219

Micheal Jordan's take on being taken to the cleaners by Family Court. He has provided an extensive video archive of his experience and how "the FLAW system" is taking it's toll.

At 09:15 (above in video 1) Micheal begins discussion of a case in Dec 2004 from Liberty Advocate Charles Corry's website - the Equal Justice Foundation in which an ex-wife Viola TREVINO of NM successfully defrauded her former husband of $18,000 over a number of years in an elaborate scam involving child-support for a child that never existed!   Mr. Jordan points out that the sad fact is the incompetence of the judge involved was part of the reason this case was revealed.

There are many other points he makes in the 6 part series.

Although it is not the same person, I have also subscribed to this blog - MKG4583  - who tends to deal only with PA issues, but occasionally strays into other Family Law areas.


I received an email about this blog that covers Judicial Corruption by aggrieved person.  Interestingly enough it is NOT a Family law situation but appears to have started over a regular commercial disagreement and exploded into an unfair dismissal due to "frivolous and vexatious lawsuit".

The writer Bill WINDSOR has been completely consumed and mobilized by the injustice he has suffered - and has provided a large amount of legal remedy's he has persuaded for the benefit of others.

Enjoy the site as a valuable reference.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Murdered children - no-one guilty?

In the U.S a decision  of "Not Guility" for Casey Anthony, in the death of her 2yr old daughter Caylee.  I tend to see how it happened even though I think - as do many others - that she is guilty as the day is long for this horrific crime.  The major reason for her getting off, there was no evidence linking her to the murder - except alot of odd behaviour and highly circumstantial indicators.  It seemed clear from the beginning that the prosecution had nothing.

Meanwhile, in Canada, Guy Turcotte was found not-criminally responsible by reason of temporary insanity for the brutal murder of his two children after his wife Isabelle left him for another man and they separated.  Again this is a horrific crime - and I doubt this man will every live free again.  Still, I also hope it makes women realize that they risk some terrible consequences from their actions - not that feminists will allow them that luxury.

Bitches Brew

"The Colour Purple".

Ironically in ancient Rome, purple was reserved only for the Emperor - anyone found wearing this "imperial" hue was severely disciplined.  It is now the colour of many Men's Rights groups.   In this case I am refer to a book which launched the writing career of Alice Walker - as well as acting career of Oprah Winfrey.  Despite being fiction, it was treated as "historically accurate" because it was written by a "women of colour" (this phrase became "derigeur" at this time) despite fact it was chock full of misandry. Young/Nathanson determined it was tremendously important to feminists because it "broke the liberal colour bar" that had held them back from treating black men as "oppressors" like white males.  After this film, ALL men - regardless of race - were part of the "patriarchy".

Walker was and continues to be an unrepentant radical feminist, and has just taken part in the most recent (infamous) "flotilla to Palestine".   Here is Barbara Kay's comments on this odious person.  And here are some of the comments from her estranged (and I would say sadly confused/conflicted) daughter.

Paul Nathanson & Katherine Young - Spreading Misandry" "Legalizing Misandry" and "Sanctifying Misandry"(Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2001, 2006, 2010).

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Where the Boys aren't: Christina Hoff Sommers at TedCity

One of my favourite advocates for boys2men. Canada has the highest% of women University grads, but - who cares about men?

you could be happy, too


M. Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been released from restrictive bail conditions. Here is some coverage of the topic.

Confirmed: Women are more unhappy

This (fairly old) report was conducted by un-apologetic Democratic economist Betsy Stevenson, and her common-law partner  Justin Wolter with whom she has a daughter (a friend of  Freakonomics economist, Steve Levitt. In this transcript of a their radio show they assert the "tax cost" to be married would have been US$20,000/yr. Most of rest is to PC to bear.).