Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sad News - a dad crushed by Family Law takes his own life

Terrible story.  This fellow contacted ECMAS last week to seek some help in his desperate situation.  He spoke to Ferrel briefly.  Another person who refereed him said he was in bad shape.

Byron James Chayeski was 38 and basically reduced to living in his truck. He was found in it dead on Mon July 11 about 16k South of Canora SK - supposedly en route on return to Yorkton.

Here is email to Ferrel:

Good day Farrell,

I spoke with you on the telephone this morning regarding the M.E.R.G.E. organization. I am very interested in joining this organization, I have been a Paramedic for 16 years and have dedicated my
life to helping people. Now when I need assistance in FAIR treatment in the courts and with access to parenting time with my daughter, I appear
to have no help what so ever. 

I have spent over $27,000.00 thus far, I have a parenting plan inplace in which it followed my rotation at work
which was 6 days on and 5 days off, now my rotation has changed and we now work a 4 day on and 4 day off rotation. My ex is not willing to  change the parenting plan, and now is no longer even following the 6 and
5 court order.

I went to the R.C.M.P. for assistance, they advised me there was nothing they could do because it doesnt say in the order that  it is enforceable by them. I have been forced into bankruptcy, I have lost my home, my vehicle, she obtained and order in which I am required  to pay her vehicle payment as well as child support ( which I do not
have a problem paying) and spousal support. 

It was her decision to end the relationship and marriage, I asked her to reconcile, I advised her I
would do absolutely anything to "get my family back", she declined. I am not abusive and have an affidavit from my first ex stating this fact, I do not drink, I do not gamble, I didn't smoke until all this started.....I don't get it! I just want to parent my daughter and spend the time with her.

The only reason she is still living in Canora is because I have a court order stating my daughter MUST have a residence here, otherwise I would NEVER be allowed to see her! Can you PLEASE help me? I just want to spend the time with my daughter, she is the light in my life. 

If it was not through the kindness of friends here, I would be living on the street and have no vehicle. I have moved in with a friend, I pay her as much as I can a month for rent......which is usually not much, I have borrowed a vehicle from a friend so I can get back and forth to and from work ( a 1989 dodge half ton and meanwhile my ex
drives a 2008 Pontiac Torrent that I am forced to pay for). 

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible, before I am forced to live on the streets and lose my job. 

Thank You.
Byron Chayeski.

We must fight this sense of gross injustice.   His daughter will never know her father.



  1. son was Byron's friend. They were in similar situations because they both had to fight and pay huge amounts of money to be fathers and to see their children--this is not right and the mothers who do not want the fathers to be a part of the child's life should be penalized in some way (maybe pay the father's court costs). This is such a is unjust and something needs to be done. WHY SHOULD FATHERS HAVE TO FIGHT SO HARD TO PARTICIPATE IN THEIR CHILDREN'S LIVES? WHO IS TO BLAME FOR THIS??? Was it the mother, the judge, the lawyer? WHAT HAPPENED??? All of the people who I have told about Byron are appalled at what has taken place and so am I.

  2. this is a tragic situation, byron was not who you have made him out to be. there are men who are truly suffering because of their ex wives, Byron was not.. he was able to see his kids when he wanted and chose not to. He paid very little money for anything, he forgot birthdays and Christmas`s, not even presents, but to even call his kids, his oldest son granduated two years ago and he chose not to attend. He was abusive and mean most of the time, he had two people living in his body, the one for public and the one he was at home. two completely different people. He has four children and they loved him for who he was, truly was and not this person he has been made out to be in death. This friend he lived with was a woman he had an affair with that ended his second marriage. maybe before you put up letters and use someone as a poster boy for your cause you need to dig a little deeper. because if any of his four children were to see this, especially his baby, who is not even two, this would truly hurt them. This is a very good cause and should be used in a proper manner, not making a hero out of a very dark man, who was only out to hurt his ex wife, because he felt betrayed by her for leaving him when he was the one who strayed from their marriage. Something he also did to his first ex wife many times as well, which also lead to the end of that marriage. He was not a victim, his four children were.

    1. Madam - he is dead at his own hand.
      As to removing this post - I will not.
      The text above is the only account he left behind and presumably, it is a fair reflection of his side of the story.
      If his children - once they are old enough - see this by some miracle and agree with your complaint then you can feel happy that you were "right".
      Byron will never feel anything.
      Nor can he tell his side anymore.
      This is his testament.
      Even though I never knew the fellow - as a man I will honour that at least.

    2. I am chantal lyndsey nicole Chayeski and im his child and I would like to request that you take this off please, it's his 40th birthday today and I just googled him and this was the first thing that came up </3 if your fighting for your kids, you just hurt all 5 of this mans children, please please take it off I don't want my little sister , who's 3 or my little brother who's only a few months old to see this when they are old enough to use google, if it hurts ME his adult child who knew him this much, how do you think THEY will feel never remembering, please delete this I beg of you

  3. his daugher wont know her father hey?.. hmm well im his other daughter and im pretty sure i know him better than all you disgusting people.. bet none of you even knew me and my brothers existed.. he loved us yes, but he was no hero.. he was a man plain and simple and if my sister were to see this it would break her heart as much as it did ours.. get a life! look into people.. i turned 17, no call, my younger brother turned 16, no call my older brother turned 20 ,no call.. hmm patern? you people say your out for the father to know his children, its about the children?? i call bullshit if it was you wouldnt put this stuff about my step mother.. who by the way HE cheated on just like he did with my mother.. get a life!! i am apaulled with you people take this off NOW!! or there will be legal action taken, let us grieve for him.. this was no ones fault but MY FATHERS, he did it so he wouldnt have to take responsiblity for his children.. yeah he sure was a GREAT father

  4. No. There is nothing here that warrants removal. I do not understand how writing about someone who tragically took his own life - could be offensive to anyone except those who had a role in driving him over the edge. The Truth Hurts - but don't visit if you don't like it - or if it does not fit whatever comfortable narrative you live your life by.

  5. Why did you Google him on his Birthday? What did expect to find? Why do you want to "air-brush" history (or to be extremely generous to you, Byron's account of it)?