Thursday, March 31, 2011

Little House of Horrors

Barbra Kay writes: "For 30 years, thanks to activists’ remorseless protection of unconstrained abortion access, Gosnell ran his little house of horrors without any oversight whatsoever."

Is this is what we have become?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So - there was some truth to it...

This case was initially seen as salacious but in error.  It now turns out to be true - but the justice system can't quite bring itself to punish anyone.  It's funny that way.

And here was Barbara KAY's  brutally honest accessment of the weak decision not to heave the lawyer overboard.  The judge should have been a slam dunk.

Social "Price of Sex" is low - as is cost

Great article.  Matches comments by Dr. Helen that on remarks by University of Georgia coeds who say the guys show for a date in a dirty t-shirt with a bag of condoms.

Maybe they don't want to do it?

Another a faux article that insinuates women are being discriminated against when they may just be exercising their choice.   I have know quite a few women journalists in the media - and most find it very challenging working. It seemed tp me that male reporters and technical staff were frequently "picking up the slack" for their female co-workers. The stress of "looking one's best" on-air was also an issue - and of course some wanted to pick-up their kids at school as regularly as possible.

Then the next article I saw suggested that CBS News Anchor Katie Couric started out exploring a renewal contract and realized she might make more in a syndicated program and is discussions with a number of major networks.  I guess this makes up for Oprah's retirement?


"Tots in Tiaras" or Child Abuse?

I often shake my head when I see these "mommy dearest" young girls trotted out in Entertainment Tonight in a "slow-mo car wreck" manner - but this takes it to an all new low.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Mythbuster - the Double Shift for Women not true.

"Men and women already do the same number of hours of productive work".

The article from London school of Economics argues that in societies where genuine choices are open to women, the key driver to how work is divided comes down to lifestyle preference, not gender.

Then I see this headline: Canada a laggard in developing women leaders.

Which claims that Canadian companies are not doing enough to to promote women and make employment friendly to women.

And I have just started to read new book "Manning Up" by Kay Hymowitz.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Glimmer of hope in false rape stats

In National Post yesterday, this article begins to question the false rape stat "1in4 on campus are raped". Mike Murphy has done an excellent job of highlighting the errors in this stat.

Also, notable is this (incredibly) short article about the acceptance of Infanticide in the Ontario Court of Appeal decision.