Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seven years after dumping him, Barbie gets back with Ken

Funny, if it weren't another example of brainwashing children to do women's bidding - no matter how wrong.  At least this article took pains to explain the opinion of a therapist that Ken doesn't have to take her back.

Mothers Child abuse

Chilling case of child abuse in news yesterday with headline "Manslaughter for mom who shopped for CDs as scalded baby lay dying from burns"   And the father tried to inquire about the child but was putoff or down by Mom - AND HE BUCKLED.

I find this quite interesting as one of Lionel Tigers pieces recently was how men are today so highly conditioned to think less of their parenting skills - and often allow themsleves to browbeaten as "inferior" to mom's "superior, innate knowledge" - when it is just rubbish.   If keep at it, sometimes they learn to trust themselves more and begin to understand the ruse.  But, some don't.

As this child was so young, the Dad believed the stereotypical rubbish our media constantly feeds us - so he buckled and lost.   Very sad.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Teacher Sexual Abuse

Fathers rights advocate Walter Schneider who runs recently asked this question "Are your children safe from sexual predators at school"?  and then linked to this huge list of 230+ convicted female school teachers in the US.    The associated article explores many of the issues - especially that female predators are treated much more leniently that males.  One of the major forces in establishing some kind of accountability for schools is Nevada single mom, Terri Millar - President of "Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct and Exploitation" or SESAME [Ed: The site seems to have gone offline recently and I could only find a cached record.]  Here was another organization who counsels schools how to deal with the issue and have accumulated these stats.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Super Bowl Hoax

I am glad that we can turn Super Bowl week into a commemoration of this vicious slander that feminists propagated in 1993.  It is similar to the "white ribbon" campaigns held frequently to honour DV victims.  It is as much of an atrocity and should be brought to light.