Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The rise of mid-life lesbians?

I kid you not - preceded by the outing of Meridith BAXTER (Micheal J. FOX's mom on 1980's Family Ties TV show) the article can not congratulate themselves enough for the new improvement to "women's liberation".  It refers to the many middle aged women who are joyously escaping dead-end marriages and children in a new wave of late-flowering lesbians.

Actress Sharon STONE claims she has had her best dates with butch dykes because "they know how to take control.  Men, on the other hand, she declared, have become “much more ‘fem’. They don’t know who to be and how to get their life together, and they can’t make a decision, and I find that such a turn-off."

Hopefully their abandoned husbands will get a nice settlement out of them?   And - in the intrest of equal time - this other article may temper the celebration.

MONTPELIER, Vt. Dec 29, 2009 — The birth mother of a 7-year-old Virginia girl must transfer custody of the child to the woman’s former lesbian partner, a Vermont judge has ruled.   Vermont Family Court Judge William Cohen ordered Lisa Miller of Winchester, Va., to turn over daughter Isabella to Janet Jenkins of Fair Haven at 1 p.m. Friday at the Virginia home of Jenkins’ parents.

Miller and Jenkins were joined in a Vermont civil union in 2000. Isabella was born to Miller through artificial insemination in 2002. The couple broke up in 2003, and Miller moved to Virginia, renounced homosexuality and became an evangelical Christian.   In the Dec. 22 order denying Miller’s request to delay the transfer of Isabella, Cohen wrote: “It appears that Ms. Miller has ceased contact with her attorneys and disappeared with the minor child.”   

Liberty Counsel attorneys who have represented Miller in the past did not immediately respond to telephone messages left Tuesday by The Associated Press.    A listing for Lisa Miller in Winchester, Va., says the phone line has been temporarily disconnected at the customer’s request.    Jenkins’ attorney, Sarah Star, said she hopes Miller is simply not communicating with her attorneys but plans to comply with the order.

“It is Ms. Jenkins’ intent when she has custody of Isabella to allow as liberal contact as is possible with her other mother,” Star said Tuesday.    When Cohen dissolved the civil union, he awarded custody to Miller but granted liberal visitation rights to Jenkins.    The supreme courts of Virginia and Vermont ruled in favor of Jenkins, saying the case was the same was a custody dispute between a heterosexual couple. The case was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, which declined to hear arguments on it.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Feminists Psychoanalyze Themselves - Nov 2009 UPDATE

Phyllis SCHLAFLY has made some good points here - and as indicated, it is an UPDATE!   Here are some excerpts:

Feminists Are Still Unhappy
  • A report issued by National Bureau of Economic Research and published in the American Economic Journal called "The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness," concludes that women's happiness has measurably declined since 1970. Since this study covers the same time period as the rise of the so-called women's liberation movement, the feminists recognized it as a challenge to the goals and alleged achievements of their movement.  
  • In the pre-1970 era, when surveys showed women with higher levels of happiness, most men held jobs that enabled their wives to be fulltime homemakers. At the same time, the private enterprise system produced many products that make household work and kiddie care easier (such as dryers, dishwashers, and paper diapers). [Editor: Doesn't sound very green to me!] 
  • Carolyn Graglia's landmark book, Domestic Tranquility: A Brief Against Feminism, explains that the chief purpose of the feminists was to make the role of fulltime homemaker economically untenable and socially disdained. 
  • But consider:
    • The Equal Pay Law was passed in 1963, but requires equal pay only for equal work, and women in the labor force don't work nearly as many hours per week as men do, and women voluntarily choose jobs that pay less.
    • Women are now half the labor force and 40% of women are essential family breadwinners.
    • On college campuses women make up 60% of enrollment and earn the majority of degrees.
    • In the current recession, the majority of workers laid off have been men (especially from construction and manufacturing). Jobs where women predominate have not been much affected.
    • Strong efforts are underway to make the workplace EVEN more female-friendly with Title IX quotas being implemented in University STEM placements and High School sports.
  • Only one sentence in all these feminist articles confronts the fundamental reason why today's women are not as happy as women were in 1972.  Time Magazine wrote"Among the most dramatic changes in the past generation is the detachment of marriage and motherhood."
Feminist Attack on Marriage
  • Betty Friedan started the feminist movement in the late 1960s with her book The Feminine Mystique, which created the myth that suburban housewives were suffering from "a sense of dissatisfaction" with their alleged-to-be-boring lives.
  • To liberate women from the home that Friedan labeled "a comfortable concentration camp," the feminist movement worked tirelessly to make the fulltime homemaker dissatisfied with her role. A job in the labor force is upheld as so much more fulfilling than tending babies and preparing dinner for a hard-working husband.
  • Harvard Professor Harvey Mansfield's book entitled Manliness includes a most informative chapter called "Womanly Nihilism." Mansfield rightly concludes that the 20th-century feminist intellectuals, such as Simone de Beauvoir, Betty Friedan, Kate Millett and Germaine Greer, wanted independence not only from men, but from morality and from human nature and motherhood.
  • That's what the feminist movement did to America. All those impressive statistics about women holding well-paying jobs and receiving college degrees will not produce happy women as long as 39% of children are born to unmarried mothers who lack a loving husband.
Government's Role in Marriage
  • The feminists also reject choice in gender roles.   According to feminist ideology, the only gender-specific characteristic is that men are naturally batterers who make all women victims. 
  • Women's Studies courses require students to accept as an article of faith the silly notion that gender differences are not natural or biological but are social constructs created by the patriarchy and ancient stereotypes.
  • The feminists have carried on a long-running campaign to make husbands and fathers irrelevant and unnecessary except to provide a paycheck. Most divorces are initiated by women.
  • More women than men request same-sex marriage licenses in Massachusetts so that, with two affirmative-action jobs plus in vitro fertilization, they can create a "family" without husbands or fathers.
  • With easy divorce and illegitimacy (39% of American births are now born to single moms), millions of women are raising kids without a husband and therefore expect Big Brother government to substitute as provider. 
  • So Feminists demand that the taxpayers provide high-quality daycare and paid family leave, that new laws prohibit employers from ordering women to work overtime (as men are often required to do).
Attitude is the problem with feminists; as long as they believe they are victims of an oppressive patriarchy, they will never be successful. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

20 years is enough wailing and gnashing of teeth

Again, Johnathon KAY has nailed it - here (How did the École Polytechnique anniversary get transformed into a festival of cynical, hyperfeminist propaganda?) - and has managed to juxtapose the hypocrisy of feminists who elevate the murder of innocents into a gender war.

KAY discloses that he was actually nearby at McGill studying Engineering at the same time - and he or his colleagues (male & female) never considered it a "female" tragedy. Despite my distance from the event at the time, it was exactly my feelings as well. He concludes:

Wife hires hitman to kill ex-husband - daughter assisted?

Ok, how old is the daughter?  If she is 14 or younger it is PAS. I hope they put this women away if this case comes close to as recounted here. I am taking bets if the defense claims "he deserves it due to BLAH, BLAH, BLAH". The line is 9:1
Peterborough Examiner - Dec 10, 2009

The 47-year-old woman charged with conspiracy to commit murder will return to Ontario Court of Justice on Jan. 12, 2010.

Crystal Tinor and her daughter Ashley were charged Nov. 16 after city police said they attempted to hire a hitman to kill 48-year-old Mario Tinor, Crystal's husband and Ashley's father. Police said they were notified on Nov. 9 by a third party, who knew about the plan. An undercover officer then portrayed himself as a potential hitman that the women were trying to hire, police said. Police said the daughter helped set up the meeting and the mother told the undercover officer she wanted her husband killed.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Another curious case of the abuse of power by the state

Ok, this is weird.  While I was I looking contact info on an MP near me - James RAJOTTE , I just punched him into Google.  As usual I got the typical hodge-podge of links but the one that caught my eye was  As it happens, I had visited something like that in the US in the past and was pleasantly surprised and interested to see that a Canadian "clone" was available.

It is great.  It is a non-partisan, open-source site and has recorded all of the votes that have taken place and has a number of other great resources on MP's, legislation and Hansard statements/records.  If possible I will volunteer to help. I would like to see something like it in Alberta.

Anyways - that is not the abuse, this is:

One can not help but admire this young women for doing her homework and discovering massive lapses in logic that seem to elude her supposed "betters" in the OPP, Ontario Legislature and Parliament. She discusses many different cases - all related to crazy, over zealous gun control issues that appear to want to remove guns from ordinary, law abiding citizens many of whom need guns for protection in rural and remote area's.  The most shocking abuses seem reserved for those law abiding citizens who are being DEEMED CRIMINALS merely for not want to surrender their personal arms because they doubt the Police Services would actually provide them proper protection.   By removing peoples ability to take such action when the circumstances demand it, we increase reliance reduce personal accountability and independence.  What we get from the Police is Crime Management, not Prevention - because they are too busy having coffee to make the tough arrests.  For more information goto:

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Ball Tapping? WTF?

This article from Indianapolis IN TV Station WTHR Channel 13 was passed on to me recently:

Statewide survey shows "ball tapping" problem widespread

"Ball tapping" is the act of intentionally hitting or kicking a male in the genitals. Earlier this month, an Eyewitness News investigation showed the game has become commonplace in some area schools, resulting in serious injuries for students.
This brings to mind the recent news item from Vancouver BC last month where a young man reported being kicked in the groin without any warning or provocation by a young women as he walked down a surburban street.  In my opinion, this is just another example of the rising misandry generated by a era of feminist fear-mongering that inspires women to believe all men are violent rapists.