Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Cops in U.S are pretty antsy given the way they have been treated by media - strain shows

Reason had this story of a BNSF employee who was stopped by a cop in Arkansas as he was doing his job (although in a rental vehicle - not flagged with Company logos) and it pretty quickly got out of hand.

Clearly the cop was over-reacting (seemed to be alone which is risky) and although I think he was in the wrong - and truly could not have been more cooperative - I can see how his quick reply's/actions may have been un-nerving to the cop - especially where we know they are being trained to treat VIRTUALLY ANY  action as hostile.    This is reinforced by the I would say by the very unsympathetic media portrayal there are facing which just makes them ornery.

Here is body-cam footage of the encounter.

And here is the visit to the Chief of Police to discuss his complaint.

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