Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Independent Counsel Mueller 1 Year Anniversary - When will the Witch Hunt End?

May 19 marks to 1 year Anniversary of the appointment of Special Independent Council Robert Mueller and the White House has made it clear that they wish the "Witch-Hunt" of finding Russian Collusion to be completed as it is interfering with the execution of the Presidents duties.

Well-know pundit (and Lawyer) Lionel addresses the question of whether Mr Mueller is in fact operating within the bounds of the law after an article appeared in the WSJ on this issue.

The inescapable conclusion is that Mueller is acting far beyond the scope of his authority and is in all likelihood acting Illegally and Unconstitutionally.

On this basis there is little chance ANY of the supposed indictments made by Mueller can be upheld in court.  However the impact in the Court of Public Opinion would be devastating - which is likely why President Trump dares not to order a shut down of the investigation.

But as the investigations by the Senate Intelligence Committee proceed apace it seems that more and more an advantage is accruing to the President as the Deep State machinations are being bared for all to see - and it ain't pretty.

Emails show FBI discussed Dossier with CNN

John Brennan should take the cyanide pill now.

Public Evidence about Crossfire Hurricane Demands Full Investigation, Stat

This "matter" when all is said and done is so much bigger an abuse of DOJ/FBI/CIA powers than the Watergate Scandal - that it will be amazing to see what happens to the Deep State operatives.

UPDATE:  May 25 Judge Jeanine summarizes discovery of spy planted in Trump Campaign.

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