Monday, May 28, 2018

Conspiracy Theory's Alive - 50 Years Later - Who Killed Bobby?

This newspaper photo from the June 5, 1968 assassination of  Bobby Kennedy remains seared in my memory.

Only 41/2yrs after his brothers death at the hands of an assassin - it seemed inconceivable that it could have happened again.   It happened in the kitchen area of the Ambassador Hotel in LA right after he had been declared the California Democratic Nominee for President in the ensuing Nov 1968 Election.

The nation was still reeling from the shock of Martin Luther King Jr assassination on April 4, 1968 in Memphis TN.

But if "Camelot" died with JFK it was completely racinated and demolished by the death of his brother Bobby.  Even as a young boy I recall feeling even more discombobulated when that 1968 Summer was called "the Summer of Love" as if the media narrative was an attempt to vaccinate against the poisonous zeitgeist that had infected the body politic.

Of course these American Political developments were also overshadowed by the tumult taking place in Canada.  On April 6, 1968 Pierre Trudeau won a taunt Liberal Leadership race over John Winters in a crowded field that ushered in one of the most charismatic and challenging politicians on Canadian history. Upon winning the Leadership Trudeau almost immediately called for a General Election on Jun 25, 1968 and so the shocking assassination of Bobby Kennedy became another icon of American violence set as counter-point to Canadian society and history.

So - imagine my surprise when I saw this headline in the

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