Thursday, February 23, 2017

Mark Dice explains CNN and CBS Fake News records

Popular YouTuber Mark Dice explains the sad spectacle of both these News Networks bias - especially as it pertains to #FakeNews.

Here is todays clip about CBS (aka Crap Broadcasting Service).

and here is his skewering of CNN (aka Clinton News Net) nightly opinionater Don Lemming - sorry Lemon - where a Black Conservative commentator calls hosts show the DEFINITION of #FakeNews.  Dice then adds a LITANY of examples of CNN's FakeNews episodes (noting that the just got cut from Venezuela Cable TV).

[Here is full clip of CNN segment for context]

And here is another clip of Don Lemon being schooled by Sherrif David Clarke in July 2015 about murderous incitement by CNN and others who promote the BLM (aka Black Lives Matter) lies.

And Sheriff Clarke tolerates an embarrassing media apologist for BLM.

And dissects Obama point-man on Racial Issues - the reprehensible Al Sharpton.

The ironic thing about all these clips by Dice is that I get more facts and context out of his counter-analysis of these shows THAN THE SHOWS THEMSELVES CONTAIN.  Pretty sad comment on the huge budget and so-called professional infrastructure at these lamestream networks.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Paul Joseph Watson - The Truth about Popular Culture?

His most inspired message yet.

my comment:
I am so glad you included Patrick McGoughan in "The Prisoner (1968)", Peter Finch in "Network (1976)", [Canadian Actor/Wrestler] Roddy Piper in "They Live (1988)", Luke Wilson in "Idiocracy (2006)" plus the wonderful Camille Paglia who in fact covered this VERY SAME ground (in a round about-way she discussed the degradation of Art/Beauty/Truth in Culture) in her book Sexual Persona way back in 1991! BTW, these are all solid arguments for "cutting the cableTV cord" and moving - anywhere, else. And why can't ISIS target Millie Cyrus, Katy Perry, Madonna and Taylor Swift instead of their softer fan base? That would shut up the pandering left pretty quick - would it not? And finally why are so many of these cultural icons products of the Walt Disney