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Women describes Home Invasion Experience in Canada

I tripped across this personal YT Video account by a Canadian Women - Susan Wachowich - who experienced a suburban Home Invasion that was pretty shocking.   I think the level of crime in our country is evolving to the point where THIS KIND of thug crime is much more PROBABLE than in the past - SO PAY ATTENTION!

It is notable that this was the beginning of a terrible crime spree only a few days before Xmas that ended in two Convenience Store employees being brutally gunned-down.

Although I do not know this women she was staying with a "friend" named "Dobbs" for whom she was in-part conned into believing by the criminals they had some "business" dealings with - and that is IMHO a red-flag.

The robbers were also under the impression that the house contained guns for some reason - which they kept asking for but she didn't know anything about - but she was convinced she would have been murdered if revealed.    After the attackers left and Police arrived on-scene "Dobbs" revealed the location of  his "in-ground safe" that I note was large enough to keep a handgun (not confirmed).  So it seems these "random criminals" were in possession of alot of important info about the person who lived in this home AND this women was a hapless victim?  

Now maybe the demands of these criminals was just an educated guess - but I suspect they HAD A REASON TO BELIEVE GUNS WERE IN THIS HOME and TARGETED it for that reason.  Perhaps they knew about  "Dobbs" through someone who worked or knew about this from the a Car Stereo shop he managed.

Car Stereo shops are not the kind of retail establishments where criminal enterprise is unknown as they can often be linked to Pawn-Shops or worse "Chop-shops".  Indeed in these articles below "Dobbs" makes a point in challenging the Police on why they picked on him - whereas the CTV Reporter noted that the Police "do not believe the Home Invasion was random" suggesting they have some info they are not releasing about the whole case.  So there are RISKS involved with someone who owns guns and ANYONE should be careful in making this know widely (especially as a women) and be very wary of random approaches by strangers.

To me it REINFORCES that anyone owning guns in their home is a LEGAL (like in the much-criticized RCMP Gun-Grab during 2013 floods in Southern Alberta) or ILLEGAL =(like this one) risk.   Make sure that you family does not brag about gun ownership or disclose this kind of information at all.  

In the lowbar to this video this gal links to the many media reports about the crime and I have attempted to summarize here.

HuffPo Dec 23, 2015:  Woman In YouTube Video Claims Her House Was Invaded By Mac's Murder Suspects

CBC National Dec 23, 2015:   Home Invasion Victim Tells Her Story

CBC Edmonton Dec 23, 2015:   Woman claims her house was invaded by Mac's murder suspects

Global Edmonton Dec 23, 2015:  Women describes being chocked, threatened.

Edmonton Journal Dec 23, 2015 - Crime on criminals, namely home invasions, fuelling increase of guns in Edmonton

National Post Dec 23, 2015 - Woman says she was bound, beaten in violent home invasion

CBC News Dec 23, 2015 - "I screamed as loud as I could': Woman says

Metro News - Edmonton:  Sherwood Park woman describes vicious home invasion

CTV Edmonton - Women details home invasion

CBC Edmonton Dec 30, 2016  - 1 year later: No charges in assault linked to year-old Edmonton Mac's murder case

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