Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Who was Samuel Maloney

This article in NatPost REALLY caught my interest as it exposed how innocuous the monitoring of various citizens is by Canadian Law enforcement.  What was it that Samuel Maloney did to get SHOT DEAD?

This reminds me of a similar death 18 mths ago Norman Raddatz - who was being served a summons for a "hate crime" (ostensibly anti-Semitic) that developed as a result of his pending "Divorce" with his ex-wife.   After a front-door conversation Raddatz ended up firing through the door at the officer who had arrived to give him a summons - killing him and seriously wounding another officer.   SWAT was mobilized and by the time they arrived the house was on fire.   At about the same time shots were heard in the home and by the time Edmonton Police were satisfied the treat was subdued (the house burned to the ground) they found his body in the home.

Raddatz death seemed completely unnecessary.

  •  he did NOT have a significant criminal background beyond the Criminal Harassment charge he was being served under.
  • Police had NO REASON to believe he was a threat BUT were authorized to break the door down if denied entry.
  • He collected guns - but according to comments from neighbours - police asked if he had any guns.

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