Thursday, January 05, 2017

When is news fake?

Ok apart from this "boo-boo"  in July 2013 - when a local TV News reporter forgot to ask who they were speaking to before broadcasting results on-air - we have other examples of reporters treating many other questionable news sources as legit - such as these guys*.   (h/t to 1791L)

So we turn to the allegations by President Obama that due to Russian hacking of the U.S Elections he is expelling 35 Russian diplomats - and supposed evidence of this crime finding that ONCE again the terms have changed.  Wikileaks Julian Assange re-iterated in a Sean Hannity interview the other night that it was FALSE yet James Clapper head of CIA had called this wrong and suggests he is an enemy of America for revealing deeply classified secrets that put members of America's diplomatic and Armed Forces at serious risk.  Still waiting for the proof of these explosive charges (I mean apart from TRUST ME - I KNOW THIS STUFF!  I mean no-one would risk an international conflagration with a former major nuclear power over empty rhetoric - right?)

And finally this:

* Slate: The Bad Research behind the Bogus claim that North Carolina is no longer a democracy Jan 4, 2017.  Archive of Pippa Norris comments

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