Sunday, January 01, 2017

Two more #FakeNews events?

Immediately following the New Year - 2 articles in LARGE MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS have surfaced MORE legitimate cases of what I will call #FakeNews.

1) Myrah Carey's New York Times Square New Years Eve appearance was marred by a production screw-up.   Fingers are being pointed by Tom Clarke Productions and Ms Carey's publicists.  However it is alleged that AFTER the traditional "Auld Lang Syne" set-piece the singer began to experience "audio" difficulties as her hit songs began to play and it was obvious she could not keep up or perhaps more likely was intending to lip synch.

As I view this video (above) - it seems OBVIOUS that there was some kind of problem between her lips and the words during "Auld Lang Syne" (hard to tell with the cutaways, smoke machine and jittery hand-cam I know) and it just got worse after that.

So this is one of the top singers in America and early in her career it was clear she had a great voice and is a beauty - but her personal life has been (no surprise) a roller-coaster and I wonder if this kind of performance failure has not become an issue in the past BUT NO-ONE SAID ANYTHING TO THE THOUSANDS OF ADORING FANS WHO PAID HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS TO ATTEND HER CONCERTS?   Yeah - I am 100% sure the media has lied about this before.


2)  WaPo claims "Russians hack Utility Grid" - has to retract within 24 hrs after InfoWars debunks.

InfoWars debunks the article easily by following Journalism 101 - read local report, do some research, tracks down person at company to get facts (on holiday week), prints truth.   WaPo and rest of adrift Legacy Media eventually come around after being scooped.  SAD.

Although I guess it is some kind of progress as BEFORE InfoWars became so famous - this lie might have dragged on for weeks AND no one would have tipped InfoWars for the win.  Given the fuss from MSM after this Presidential Election - shouldn't some hapless cub reporter lose their job?  (Probably not - they will be promoted to top spot).

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