Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Is "Prop or Not" Agitprop

One of the things that reinforces if this new #FakeNews hashtag is Democrat policy is this website.

IMHO no one but Soros/MoveOn plans this kind of "contingency" grass-root push-back so early (the video was dated Oct 31, 2016) except perhaps the CIA.  But then no one is named either in this pretty impressive effort - it is just a "network" of "concerned" progressives.  How convenient!   Then we just happen to have Sam Bee doing a report on it!  (BTW it is obviously fake).

The Enemedia Progressive Industry Complex strikes again!  And look at this 40 page Analysis?  Coincidence?  I think not - and not very well hidden either.

[P.S  I have also heard about a Troll Army - but in truth who but a government or Soros NGO "Agitprop" group cold spend this kind of money - plus it is as likely to be American as Russian.]

Among the TOP "Enemy" newsites listed is (obviously) but also included many who have been repeater "echo-sites" from Alex Jones for years such as ZeroHedge and Paul Craig Roberts (he was a well known contributor to Forbes as well as Conservative working for Reagan WH).   Surprisingly - a close advisor to Donald J. Trump - is missing as was Brietbart but they may be legitimate websites associated with different constellations in the (Alt-Right) Conservative firmament.

Now - all this is in good clean fun until the bodies start to drop and Exhibit #1 is Seth Rich.  I note that WikiLeaks STILL has a $20,000 Bounty on any info that leads to an arrest in his case even though Julian Assange maintains "no comment" on his involvement with DNC leaked emails.

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