Friday, November 04, 2016

Rolling Stone found GUILTY

Finally the TRUTH is out.  Jackie Erdley - fake journalist for Rolling Stone mag - was found guilty of Defaming University of Virginia Dean of Students Nicole Eramo over their false article depicting an alleged on-campus rape.

IMHO this is a critical turning point for Feminism as it marks the beginning of its fall from the unassailable mendacity it has displayed for 50 years.

The Cliterati was outraged that the flimsy journalism was not accepted without question - and were it just the Greek Fraternity on campus at risk the University likely would have quietly thrown them under the bus and drove on - but Ms Eramo was outraged at the slander that SHE was indifferent to the crime and vowed to fight the magazine for their fabrications.

Of course it was not really the University who suffered - it was the young men on-campus who were demonized for something that NEVER HAPPENED.   [Below is MSNBC video of Rad Feminist Chloe Angyal at thanking a LIAR for confirming her bias of half the world.]

During the examination for this case it became clear that MANY of the claims by Erdley had serious journalistic errors including Rule #1 "If your Mom tells you she loves you - check it out".

1) College Award on Michelle Shocked
2)  Catholic Church's Secret Sex Crime

What primed the media community to accept such a fiction.  Christina Hoff-Sommers points out it was a coordinated propaganda program initiated by the (so-called) Center for Public Integrity but almost immediately endorsed and adopted WITHOUT Question by Russlynn Ali - U.S Ass. Sec of Education and which prompted the (now infamous) Dear Colleague letter of April 2011.

And Ramz Paul had another take on this travesty of journalism.

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