Monday, October 31, 2016

Spuncle: Gay man sued for Child Support by former "friend" despite private agreement.

This takes the cake.

A women asked an old male friend - who was gay and indicated he did not want children - for a sperm donation so she could conceive and he agreed.  She had 2 children thru IVF.  Now 16yrs later she is suing for Child Support due to the financial burden.  She is a Oby/Gyn making $250,000 in Ontario.  He is a Medial Specialist working in Europe and earning $350,000.   Yes, it appears they had a private agreement that was not created using Lawyers or (obviously) approved by the Courts.

Feminists are defending her!   I see nothing commendable in that.

There are 2 issues here 1) the bias in Family Court towards men who wish to opt-out of parenting in a sensible manner (and this case describes it perfectly) and 2) Rights to Personal Genetic Products.

Because this male "ACTED" like a father by maintaining contact with his birth-children, sending gifts and interacting with the kids (no-matter how minimal but presumablly with their mental-health in mind) - he is being designated a "parent" despite his explicit wishes made in oral and later written agreements.

Furthermore given the laws regarding genetic material in this country Men are NOT ALLOWED to "sell" their sperm (or receive any type of consideration) - UNLIKE the U.S - he was under the obligation to disclose his identity.  This makes him liable for Child Support unless he refuses to have any relationship with the the mom/kids.  Of course for this reason many women are forced to go to the U.S for Anonymous donor material that protects the Men from being fleeced and in fact they can receive compensation for the "donation".  But this has caused serious problems too.

The shoe does not seem to be as tight on the other foot.   Women are often being compensated for Egg Donations - which is also a much more involved medical procedure exposing them to significant health risks vis a vis that faced by male donors - but moreover - no one is demanding Child Support from the Female egg donor!

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