Saturday, December 19, 2015

Official Feminists in Canada - blink

Official Feminists in Canada - blink

68% of Canadian women don’t call themselves a feminist

Of course - even those numbers don't seem right - except that the traditional readership of one of Canada's premiere magazine titles could have stated it smugly as "32% of Canadian Women reaffirm commitment to Feminism".  The actual title represents an effort to "jinn-up" their diminishing readership base and create an opportunity to prop-up that failing brand by repeating the feminist mantra - ad nausium.  Only a few years ago that figure was 20% (although that was from a properly represented sample and not one as self-selectively biased as Chatelaine).

But the cover - 40 almost exclusively white, middle-aged, middle-class women - gave it away - despite the accompanying video with primped and edgy avowels and a few honest, questioning souls.

No, this was a swan song "call to defend" the gynocentric ubercult - which seems finally to be finding itself under cultural siege - despite help from "the Dauphin" Trudeau.  His Chief of Staff'Katy Telfords solution to waning popularity?  Double-down!

More of us should call ourselves Feminists!

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