Friday, July 17, 2015

Operation Jade Helm - groom civilians for Police State ops

Alex Jones was on this months ago - shocking grooming Operation Jade Helm begins in Southern U.S States today.  Now this is fully disclosed I expect a change in how this program is viewed and executed.  On the other hand the MSM will attempt to bury it.

In discussing this exercise with a pal of mine, he reminded me of an the 1964 movie "Seven Days in May" starring Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster that is about a Military Coup in America.

Furthermore Alex Jones correspondent John Whitehead explains a number of key terms to be aware of in the growing Police State apparatus we face.

Crass Obama supporter CodePink disrupts Republican Forum

Toxic Obama supporter Media Benjamin - self-styled leader of rad-feminist group CodePink - purposefully disrupted a Q&A forum where Republican Presidential hopeful - Sen. Lindsay Graham was speaking. After the mic was finally rested way from Media and Sen Graham graciously stating that in America such political disagreement is possible - the discussion continued.

Of course such a display would never have been allowed by the Obama camp