Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Alberta Attorney-General steps down over DV Charges

Last week a block buster announcement swept over the news during the Provincial Election Campaign.  The Provinces Attorney-General - Jonathon Denis - resigned from his post on Sat April 25 because he was due to appear in court over an un-specified charge.

All of this was news because the details were not spelled out and a publication ban was in place.  Even Premier Prentice - when asked about the resignation - would not provide any details except to claim it was a private matter.  Well during a Provincial Election Campaign that was not going to fly so it took the PC Party about a week to cut Denis lose.

After the publication ban was lifted, we all found-out that his former wife - Breanna Palmer - and he were having "marital problems" that led to her requesting an EPO (Emergency Protection Order) against him.

Here is Rebel.Media's excellent report on the issue.

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