Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Children of Feminist Icons

I still recall reading about the shocking childhood of Rebecca Walker - who's mother Alice was a  prominent feminists icon & writer.

It would appear that this trend of child neglect/emotional abuse appears to be a recurring theme for Feminists and I point to AVFM contributor/commentator - Janet Bloomfield's article on the topic here.

A UK contemporary of US Abortion Movement founder Margaret Sangster was Marie Stopes. While not a strident advocate of abortions she was a strong supporter of birth control methods - and most controversially, Eugenics.  Her first marriage ended badly but by 1917 she had a son Harry - with second* husband Humphrey Roe in 1924.  Humphry Roe was a well known WW1 Flying Ace and Industrialist of A.V. Roe Aircraft - who were a primary supplier of aircraft to the UK Government in WW1.  Marie Stopes was also known to have a "strong personality" -which lead to the breaking of both husbands.  Her son - Harry - seems to have suffered continuously as a child from her feminist theories and general eccentricities.

This sad treatment continued even after Harry married Mary Eyre Wallis - daughter of noted engineer Barnes Wallis.  Marie did not favour this choice of bride as she feared that it introduced a genetic flaw of "nearsightedness" into their family line that would effect her grandchildren - and so she removed Harry from her will before her death in 1935.

Harry became an well-known advocate for the British Humanist Movement and indeed was still its Vice-President when he died in May 2014.

* Stope's first husband was rather surprisingly a Canadian Geneticist - Reginald Gates.

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