Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Feminist Lena Dunham sues for "verbatim" quote

Lena Dunham and her family - father Carroll, Sis Grace,
 Lena & Mom Laurie Simmons

I don't watch TV much - but I still know of Lena Dunham (how could I not!) - a supposed "star" due to her role in "ground breaking" TV show "Girls".

Recently Lena Dunham released an auto-biography - and revealed her recollection of "sexual experimentation" of her own younger sister when she was 7.  The media took it and correctly called it "assault/abuse".

Dunham exploded.

Here is some of her fathers (Caroll Dunham) artwork.  Most of it has the same porn quality.  No wonder the whole family is as damaged as they are (I just read that Lena's younger sis - Grace - the one she assaulted - has come to her defense - and is gay.  Figures.)


Nov 5 - AVFM comes to the same conclusion as I do - but with more panache.

Perfect example of what Western Feminists like Ms. Dunham mistake themselves for - elitist whiners.  (And this is an interesting coincidence for abusers - Jian Ghomeshi also liked "lists".)

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