Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jian Ghomeshi - caught in a web of his own design

Ha - now they are eating their own.  Pretentious media personality/CBC host of radio show "Q" Jian Ghomeshi - has been fired for unreported allegations that he sexually assaulted a number of former girlfriends - some of whom supposedly worked at CBC before/during/after these events took place (it is still playing out as CBC refuses to make any comment - and indeed we only have Gomeshi's side at present).

I really don't care if he is guilty or innocent - but his defense is sure to cause him problems and I hope will start a tide of questioning feminist dogma on the issues of what constitutes true informed consent.

Among the excellent discussions are Barbara Kay,  GirlWritesWhat and Sandman (YouTube embeded below).


Friday, October 03, 2014

Lesbian prefers female privilege over male version

20/20 segment from 2006 about American lesbian Norah Vincent who truly wanted to experience being a male (before/without the "full-on" surgical transformation) and assumed the male role of "Ned" after extensive research and seeking professional help in building a convincing transformation/character.  After 18 months she decided to return to being a woman and then wrote a book about the experience.

Her admissions near the end are most instructive.

17:00 "Identity - she concluded - is not something to play around with."
17:20 "Her views of men have changed forever. Men are suffering. They have different problems than women have but they don't have it better.   They need our sympathy, they need our love and they need each other more than anything else."
17:40  "Do you think women understand what it is like to be a man? Not at all. Not a clue."
18:20 "Nora is happy she is now a she. The irony is not lost on Norah that it took a trip into manhood to appreciate her own femininity."
18:35 "Did you like being a women before now? I did but I like it more now because I think it is more of a privilege."

h/t  A Voice for Men