Sunday, July 27, 2014

Brainwashing and Male Feminists

Tom Golden has produced this excellent video on the similarity between Communist Chinese Brainwashing techniques and Male Feminists (I am speaking of course about this pathetic crew of panty-waists).

Of course the book he is reading was taken from the Viet-Nam era - and I could not help but think of Republican Senator John McCain who was captured in Oct 1967, held captive and tortured until released in March 1973 (56 months).

Here is link to article1 and article2.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Previous generations Civil Disobedience actions was much more considered.

Big Gay

Brietbart often categorizes it reports into "Big Government/Journalism/Hollywood/etc" to identify the totalitarian impulses within those groups who direct/preach and attempt to impose their ideology on others.

Here was an early clip from Seinfeld that caught my eye.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Honest "Courtesan" speaks

This was a pleasant surprise from libertarian blog at

I refer to my previous blog post on the "Economics of a Courtesan".

At the beginning a "definition" is debunked - and well-known feminst Katha Politt comment on this definition seems to mirror the character of "Fantine" in film version of "Les Miserables"

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

International Men's Issues Conference - Detroit, June 2014

Barbara Kay spoke at recently organized International Men's Issues Conference in Detroit last week and mentions it is this National Post article about how a key Men's group in Ontario - CAFE (Canadian Association for Equality) was unfairly "bounced" from the Toronto Pride Parade.  There were a few other accounts by reporters who attended the Detroit conference.

Some feminists derisively believe this video captures the essence of this "Men's Issues" conference.

Honeybadgers are badass!

The HoneyBadger Brigade got a number of honourable mentions in many articles about the Men's Issues Confernce in Detroit last weekend - and even Karen Straughan gave a brief description of a humourous video that AVFM used to describe them.  I admit it cracked me up - so for posterity - here it is.

MGTOW (courtesy of Rex Harrison)

After this article about feminism - it struck me that Rex Harrison was describing the MGTOW movement years ago in popular musical "My Fair Lady".

The New Pornography?

Two videos by wise women (despite one being from 1993).

Kelly Jones approach to feminism is very entertaining - but she was responding to very offensive, irrational and I would say dangerously deranged and mis-characterized article by Aussie feminist Clementine Ford.

Camille Paglia makes some great points AND I loved her book "Sexual Personae" as art/literary criticism. But in it she also makes many wonderful observations.
Sex is a dangerous combustible force.  Gay men have known for centuries that the price of sex is potential death.

(and Paglia again - unrepentant - in 2012.)