Friday, May 02, 2014

Quebec spends $70 million a year on IVF?

Holy Cow! -$70 million just in Quebec - including homosexual couples.   For just one province!  How much are the others spending?


In a way related - I just received updated (partial) statistics for Abortions* in Canada (quietly released yesterday),

  • In 2012 there were 25,400 Abortions* performed in Hospitals and Clinics in Quebec. 
  • In Alberta 13,287. 
  • Across the whole country - 83,708 Abortions*.

Considering that many of these services - even when performed in a private clinic - are paid for by Provincial Health Services - the reporting is woefully and intentionally poor and spotty.  Non or under-reporting by private clinics is excused because it is voluntary despite the level of public resources going to it!  Ontario has explicitly (and secretly) prevented Freedom of Information requests from discovering such data in that province.  Talk about repression of information!

Of course one would not have found these stats in your local or national newspaper BECAUSE those media networks do NOT BELIEVE IN COVERING this kind of story.   Yes - they will cover all kind of other horrendous story's - but NOT anything to do with Abortions in this country.  [I imagine Lifesite News and the Catholic newspapers will report on the data.]

(Perhaps not a surprise if we consider the complete abandonment of oversight in the Kermit Gosnell case in the US where no authority checked the clinic in over 15 years - this concerns me greatly.)

The data is tabulated from the provinces with great difficulty by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) - but I found it through a Pro-Life blog I subscribe to called Run With Life.

*Incomplete. These numbers do not include abortions performed in private physician's offices and medical abortions. And BC clinic data is incomplete.
[Update 2014MAY02:  Ontario boosts funding for in vitro fertilization.

Health Minister Deb Matthews announced Thursday the province will help pay for one cycle of IVF for all infertile people. Patients will still cover the cost of their own drugs, and also have to pay full freight for subsequent rounds of IVF.

The new funding, which is expected to cost about $50-million a year, will help an estimated 4,000 people [works out to $12,500 per IVF treatment!] and is slated to be in place by early 2015. Currently, Ontario only pays for IVF for women with blocked fallopian tubes.

Ms. Greenblatt said multiple births cost “orders of magnitude” more than single births. [4.8x due to pre-delivery risks, 56% are premie, 3x Stillbirth risk vs singletons,  higher CP incidence etc.]

Christina Shiels, a 38-year-old law clerk, who undertook IVF on her own is now expecting her 1st child in July [glad the poor people can get it] but spent more than $50,000 undergoing five inseminations and two IVFs. 

Multiple Birth Canada – Fact Sheet
  • 6,000 Multiples born in Canada every year (out of 380,000 births)
  • Multiples represent about 3% of all births
  • More than Half of Multiples are Low Birth Weight (LBW) of under 2500gms
  • Multiples are 28% of LBW pop at birth.
  • 56% of Twins and 96% of Higher Multiples are born Premies and represent 22% of all premies.
  • Stillbirth rate among multiples is 17 per 1000 births vs 6 per 1000 average (mostly singletons)
  • Twins are 10x more likely to have Cerebral Palsy, Triplest 30x
  • Hospital costs for multiples is 4.8x singletons

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