Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sex Week?

Sun News had an amazing story about the engorgement of "Sex Week" activities at many American Universities.   It seems that "Women's Centers" are front and center on all these events.

Here is U of Calgary "Sexweek" and it looks like the sluts have a day job!
"Play carnival games like hit-the-clit and a dildo ring toss!"
Uof A is much tamer, although I was surprised by this.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NAFALT becomes "mainstream"?

Thank-you Amy Louise Glass!

More than any article written by an MRHA - Amy Glass has done us a huge favour by alienating her main demographic by being honest with her true opinion of her "sisters".  Of course it also illustrates the delusion most women have about the pernicious ideology that they enjoy defending.

[It is also funny that this Sun News anchor continues to claim "being a Mom is the hardest job ever" as I think her pregancy was "not planned" - and I am reminded of Bill Burr's skit on "the hardest job ever".]

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Remarkable "Supremist" attitude of early American Suffragette - Susan B. Anthony

I was surprised to learn that the masthead of the newspaper founded in 1866 by early American suffragette/feminist - Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton - was:
"Men their rights and nothing more, women their rights and nothing less". 
Which seems incredibly "female supremacist" EVEN now.

It seems clear - but even these "answers" seem to indicate there is a great deal of wishful thinking in interpreting it positively at the same time as disagreement about what it means.

No wonder it took until 1920 for women to get the vote.

Unfortunately - it NEVER ends.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The New World Order - is really being implemented - by the UN

Ok - this is scary.
Agenda 21 has even become evident even here in Alberta.

So - where has this kind of "Central Planning" shown itself - you ask?

Look to the last legislation session in Alberta.

Bill 2 - Responsible Energy Development Act - was widely criticized by MANY as reducing property owners rights and reducing centuries-old "due-process rights" for redress and compensation. Lawyer and Ranchers/Property Rights advocate Keith Wilson was an early critic and identifies many problems.  Few if any of his suggested changes was included in bill revisions.

This legislation follows the model of Agenda 21.

Similar examples can be found in many of the new laws passed by this "progressive"  Redford Government.

See for more information.

Victor ZEN: reviews radfem book "C**t: A Declaration of Independence"

Victor ZEN reviews a radical feminist book from 1998 by crazy *itch - Inga MUSICO (and who lives in nearby Seattle WA!).

Victor say's it all I think.

Misandrist Extraordinaire.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Shakespeare's MGTOW Play - "Love's Labour's Lost"

Over Feb 5-13, 2014 the UofA Drama Department will mount Shakespeare's MGTOW Play - "Love's Labour's Lost" (aka L3).  

Here is the brief synopsis.
The King of Navarre and his three lords swear an oath to scholarship, vowing to adhere to a strict regimen of reading, writing, fasting, and the avoidance of women for three years. But the arrival of the Princess of France and her party has the men scrambling to find loopholes in the contract.

The three lords fall in love with the three ladies, as does the King with the Princess in this crazy, wacky comedy about moving into your rightful place and taking on your generation’s needs as your own.

The first night Preview is only $5.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Tiger Mom strikes again

Amy Chu who wrote controversial book "Tiger Mom" has penned another book that identifies Jews and other Asian ethnic groups as superior to white races.   Hearing crickets instead of vocerious calls for racist comments.

Texas Doctor's wife has affair with Police Chief - Legal Harassment ensues

This news report highlight the legal harassment of a putative father who's ex-wife had an affair and child with Chief of Police in Princeton TX.

Cast of characters include - Dr. Glen HURLSTON - an Anesthesiologist in Leesville LA and his ex-wife Suzanne HURLSTON - and former Princeton Chief Jeff BARNETT.  Mrs. HURLSTON admitted to an affair during her marriage and Dr. HURLSTON alleges that she misrepresented her child as his - but his suspicions were raised when she named him "Jeff Blake HURLSTON" and he found out that was the same as Jeff BARNETT's first and middle name.