Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Alberta women kills husband - both drunk

This disturbing case is currently in trial in Edmonton - but I am astonished at how little coverage it receives - almost as though it doesn't matter!   I see from this report the jury consists of 8 women and 4 men. She had BAL of 0.159 - almost twice the threshold to be considered too impaired to drive safely (Blood Alcohol level of 0.08)

In a recent case where a man killed a EPS police dog received OVERWHELMING feedback and support - and the Federal government has already moved to frame a new addition to the Criminal Code called "Quanto's Law" that calls for anyone "who knowingly or recklessly poisons, injures or kills a law enforcement animal,” including a horse or dog" a maximum 5-yr penalty.

The same government sprang into action within weeks when "Gay Tourists" from America found they could not get a Divorce in Dec 2011.

Then how is it possible that our Federal Government can move so quickly on legislation in situations like this? Equal Parenting has not received such rapid attention - but police dogs and gay tourists have instantly.


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