Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Positive contributions of dads

I have seen a host of interesting articles in the last few days - so I just thought I would list them here.

1) National Father Initiative: Why Do People Continue to Believe Children Don’t Need Fathers?

Includes references to a number of dismissive of not critical articles like this one.  Which I am sure prompted Brad Wilcox to pen this reply.

These Wilcox stats remind me of poster I came across a few years ago that trumpeted much the same list of "social deficits" of "Fatherlessness".

Here is a PDF of this same image.

The problem is most people blame Men for dropping out of their children's lives - whereas it seems equally as likely that women drive their husbands out of their children's lives in order to exact revenge and/or establish a new step-father.

2) Disgraced UW on-campus Feminist Megan Lanker-Simons has plead "no contest" to charges she fabricated the online comments she claimed were made targeting her for rape.  The hoax has laid bare the empty rhetoric of feminist Anti-Rape Campaigns the University.  Of course she has been a leading member of the campus Anti-Rape Campaigns until she graduated in the spring so she could enroll at another western university's Law faculty.

3) New, expanded definition of "Family Violence" in B.C Family Law Act effective April 1, 2013 that was used against a mother by a judge in M.W.B v. A.R.B who felt her actions had been the cause of much strife.
"... the mother consistently thwarted the father’s attempts to sell the property for a realistic price, resulting in a string of legal actions."
 "The father also had to argue for the right to see his 12-year-old son and teenage daughter one-on-one, after the mother ignored a court access order."
 "The “needless litigation” led the claimant to receive counselling for stress, precipitated a “very painful medical condition that has needed surgical procedures,” and hindered his capacity to spend time with the children, according to Brown."
 "I find the [mother’s] litigation conduct, related both to the selling of the commercial property and to parenting arrangements, considered in their totality, is a form of emotional abuse and harassment that constitute a form of family violence.”

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