Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ontario Liberals want TSE companies to hire more women Directors

Recently the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan supported this "trial balloon" floated by untested Premier Kathleen Wynne that Corporate Board listing in Toronto must have at least 3 Female Corporate Board members by 2020 or face de-listing.  Response has been mute - only because it is unPC to say anything.

National Post columnist Matt Gurney suggested that if they want to invest their $160bn with that requirement - there is nothing stopping them - and the fact less than 30% of High School teachers are men doesn't seem to bother them - so they should get their own house in order BEFORE they begin lecturing the rest of us.

But the supposed "reason" for greater Gender Diversity is the idea that companies benefit somehow from these "affirmative action" quotas - but that evidence is flimsy indeed.   (In fact the supposed proof of the superior returns from female directors has not even been released - but "trust us" says female advocacy group "Catalyst" - dedicated to getting this kind of legislation through.)

However - this all seems part of a fairly well orchestrated plot as Catalyst groups in the UK are  demanding the same thing - although it has been going on a bit longer.

But guess what - none of the research is conclusive.  In fact it seems quite likely that they have confused cause and effect so that wealthy, well-performing companies may just be able to hire more women - rather the the other way around.

This report from Norway shows that stock performance dropped 10%.

Mike Buchanan - Men's Rights Advocate and leader of UK political organization Justice for Men and Boys.  In cooperation with A Voice For Men - Europe - they are dealing with feminist Board quotas in the UK and EU of 40% Women by 2020.


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