Monday, October 21, 2013

Oct 2006 - "The Minds of Boys"

Michael Gurian - author of "The Minds of Boys" - on why girls do better than boys in school.

He researched schools in 35 countries to find out why girls were outstripping boys. He believes the reason lies mainly with the learning differences of the two genders which are pre-determined by structural differences in the brain. Girls have a greater capacity for verbal skills, which encompass reading, writing and speaking, while boys have a natural advantage with spatial/mechanical skills.

and related.

Rachel Simmons - author of "Odd Girl Out" on how girls show aggression

Rachel Simmons is the author of "Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls". Whereas boys' aggression often takes a physical form, girls will be more subtle, using manipulation and name-calling or threatening isolation from their peers. (relational aggression - from Oct 2002)
Finally, Rosalind Wiseman who wrote best-seller "Queen Bees and Wanna-be's" about girls has just published a new book about boys called ""Masterminds and Wingmen" - details here.

This follows closely an academic speaker who came thru Western Canada recently - Dr. James S. Brown - who was pushing his book "Saving our under-achieving Boys".    Here is a YouTube Video of his talk.

And here is Dr. Christina Hoff-Sommers approach on the same topic.

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