Sunday, June 23, 2013

Alternative to Google

Given the recent disclosures about NSA tracking of people with help from Verizon and Google - I thought this was a good idea.   An alternative to Google search called

I have tried it and enjoy some of the useful extras like this.

Here was the inspiration.

Friday, June 07, 2013

The taxpayer costs of Feminism in Alberta

Recently a friend at ECMAS conducted a study of how much our Governments fund Women's Emergency Shelters in Alberta.  The results were shocking - among the conclusions:
  • Every Man, Women and child in Alberta gives $12 each per year to Women's Shelters (2010 data).
  • For each of the 6,200 women (and their 4,100 dependents)  it cost $4,500 for each visit (but for an indeterminate length of time).
  • These shelters turn away over 10,000 other women (and their 7,000 dependents) at least half of the time for failing to trump up a false sexual assault allegation - or for administrative convenience.  This is hardly the caring and sharing image portrayed.
  • No boys over 12 yo are allowed to accompany their mothers - nor are men admitted to these shelters (except for 1 in Strathmore).
  • Police, Firefighters, EMS and Military personnel (mostly male) have 3 of their own dedicated shelters for their staff only.

Interestingly, this is supported by information provided at the Minister of Human Services webpage about Women's Shelters*.

All this has been going on for 50 years now - but if you believe the Alberta Council of Women's Shelters (ACWS) Press - the situation is worse than when they started.   This is obviously FALSE - but these feminist organizations continue to perpetrate this fraud on the public to get them to cough up more dough.

But most important is that this generous funding provides a stable of women primed to defend "Official Feminist" dogma without question - as their livelihoods depend on it.   Certainly there is NO WAY to defend spending $4,500+ per visit to a Women's Shelter that to explain it as "Over-Staffing"

I say enough is enough.


* It states that:
"The government is investing more than $26 million in women’s shelters in 2011-12 to provide basic emergency services in 29 emergency shelters, four on-reserve women's shelters, and programming in two second-stage shelters. Included in this funding is support for 619 beds in women’s shelters, family violence outreach services to the community, and a treatment program for male victims of family violence.

The Alberta government invested an additional $1 million for 276 child care spaces in shelters to assist families fleeing family violence."
Totaling these two figures to $27 million is almost identical to the $27 million this report determines as TOTAL DIRECT funding for 34 Women's Emergency Shelters.