Friday, April 12, 2013

Is Psychiatric profession to blame for Adam Lanza?

Ok - what has been pretty obvious from the start - but most of the media and government danced around - Adam Lanza was crazy.
Report: Shooter's mother describes 'living on top of a time bomb'
Fox News Megan Kelly April 9
That I think we all knew - except the mom seemed unable to act or get help - even though her son had obviously received some kind of treatment.

I am going to ask why the professional psychiatric care-givers did not "pull the rip cord" on this situation?  Now it may have been that we have completely neutered our system of mental health by "Political Correctness" - but that should also be addressed.

But to suggest we must curb all gun ownership as a result seems misplaced.  Yes - Connecticut should have background checks - but they should not be done to deny regular people a means to protect themselves.

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