Saturday, April 13, 2013

Misandry - they name is feminism

One of hundreds of re-edits if the meeting of 2 academics at University of Toronto to discuss misandry last week (Thurs April 4).  It was besieged by hoards of protesting female and male "feminists" who are - apparently - opposed to even admitting that men MAY EVEN HAVE THE RIGHT to discuss gender issues just like women have for centuries.   

It is one of the most remarkable displays of self-deluded entitlement as I have even seen.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Is Psychiatric profession to blame for Adam Lanza?

Ok - what has been pretty obvious from the start - but most of the media and government danced around - Adam Lanza was crazy.
Report: Shooter's mother describes 'living on top of a time bomb'
Fox News Megan Kelly April 9
That I think we all knew - except the mom seemed unable to act or get help - even though her son had obviously received some kind of treatment.

I am going to ask why the professional psychiatric care-givers did not "pull the rip cord" on this situation?  Now it may have been that we have completely neutered our system of mental health by "Political Correctness" - but that should also be addressed.

But to suggest we must curb all gun ownership as a result seems misplaced.  Yes - Connecticut should have background checks - but they should not be done to deny regular people a means to protect themselves.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Married to the State

This is simply the next act of what was started with "No Fault" Divorce - where children were "given" to the mothers to raise.  Now - as Beck explains - they can't handle it and so they look to government to solve the problem - and the Obama Administration does!  (Is Universal DayCare on the horizon?)

Reminds me of this great clip!

Link to her blog.