Monday, March 18, 2013

Sex Tourists?

In Toronto Star this morning was this article (with somewhat misleading title "Cuba’s most horrifying episode of child sex tourism resulted in a girl’s death" - a not un-reasonable assumption being Canadians are somehow involved - they weren't).

In reading the article we learn a few facts - but it is poorly constructed:
  • 10 Cubans and 3 Italians have been found guilty in the death of a young 12yo Cuban girls who was admittedly prostituting herself.  Of course this is terrible on many fronts.
  • Female (Feminist?) Defense Lawyer acting for the family does not deny the girl was engaged in prostitution - and that many girls have sex at age 12-13yo! Noting that in the Communist paradise “The only thing never rationed was sex,” Excuse me? Perhaps this is part of the problem?
  • The Star throws in a wild slander against Canadian men:
Canadian, Spanish and other male tourists are flying regularly to the communist-ruled island to have sex with minors, a joint investigation by the Toronto Star and El Nuevo Herald has found.
Oh?  How many? That is in the next piece - part of a series entitled "The Ugly Canadians "that claims Canadians are major contributor to this sordid activity.    Thank-you Toronto Star!

Then watch this local Nigerian News report of young Nigerian women discussing - lightheartedly perhaps - how many boyfriends they have and tell me why Men are always to blame for misunderstanding if women exchange favours or sex for security or money.

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