Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Navy Seal controversy of Jesse Ventura

Ok, Jesse Ventura seems to have lost ALL CREDIBILITY in this controversy from last year (Jan 2012) but which I only learnt of recently because the former SEAL Officer Chris Kyle was killed by an psycho in Texas Feb 3, 2013.

1) Jesse Ventura has not gone out of his way to disabuse anyone of the notion he was a SEAL.  This seems to be misleading.

2) Witnesses have confirmed Kyle's claim that he knocked Ventura down in a bar in Texas.

3)  Ventura is known as a "Truther" who believes 9/11 was a Government Conspiracy - and invites people to prove him wrong.

4)  Chris Kyles wrote book about his experience as a sniper - in part to get support for soldiers who return.

5)  News that Chris Kyle was killed at Gun Shooting Range. And shocking 911 Call by his sister.

6)  His widow makes speech at Memorial Service.

And finally - Ventura craps all over himself.

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