Monday, December 09, 2013

Serena Nicotine found guilty of 7th hostage-taking - committed during trial for 5th and 6th hostage-taking

Killer used pop can, pen as weapons in prison hostage-takings 

EDMONTON -- Serena Nicotine is like the MacGyver of prison hostage-takers.

The convicted killer has used a variety of unusual objects as weapons -- including a pair of glasses, a pop can, a pen and a piece of glass -- during the seven hostage-takings she has now been convicted of.

On Friday, when the 31-year-old Nicotine pleaded guilty to her sixth and seventh hostage-takings, Judge Shelagh Creagh spoke of her "taking innocuous items and turning them into dangerous weapons."

Creagh handed Nicotine a 10-year sentence to run concurrent with the life term she is already serving. She also cautioned the Parole Board of Canada to "exercise their greatest care and concern for the risk (Nicotine) would pose to the Canadian public if she was ever to be released."

According to agreed facts of the case, Nicotine took fellow inmate Debbie Miller for nearly four hours on May 22, while both were both being held in cells at Edmonton's downtown Law Courts Building on May 22.

Court heard Nicotine grabbed a pop can, tore it in half and held the "sharp, jagged edge" to Miller's throat while making demands regarding medication, a transfer to another institution and a stereo in her cell.

Feminists Gone Wild

A shocking example of Pro-choice Feminists gone wild.

I salute the Catholic men who stood-up to these terrorists - but wonder how on earth the Police could allow such shameless, criminal acts.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

MP Maurice Vellacott submits PMB C-560 - Equal Parenting Ammendment

He has done it - on Thurs Dec 6 - MP Maurice Vellacott submitted his updated Private Members Bill C-560 - An Act to amend the Divorce Act (equal parenting) and to make consequential amendments to other Acts.

Here it is.

The Mangina Monologues (inspired)

Better than this lame attempt at parody (note she has to apologize profusely.)

Sunday, December 01, 2013

How the "victim-class" supports themselves.

In the spring 2013 - it was discovered that a feminist and leader of a University of Wyoming DV Shelter (Meg Lanker-Simons)  was found to have fabricated threats AGAINST HERSELF in order to whip up support for her organization on Campus.   The whole thing was disturbing - but it also played into longstanding concerns about how many Feminist organizations operate.

Then today I see that a similar "Diversity Group" - set up to monitor racist activity on another Campus (in this case Vassar College in Upstate NY - and a long time Feminist haunt) was found to be concocting exactly the same kind of "evidence".

This uncovers an gaping hole in the progressive tactics.

The Feminist Deliverer of Diabetes – MIRROR

Supporting Victor Zen's efforts at engagement with Feminists lies and rhetoric.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Are Female Doctors "better"?

This remarkably empty-headed article appeared quoting extensively from Canadian research in TIME Online recently.  The comments are the best part as they have easily deconstructed most of the arguments presented.

But it also seems to me to be a Feminist assault on the fairly well documented data that suggests Canadian Healthcare is facing a "manpower" shortage as the increasing number of female doctors can't keep up with the workload left behind by all the old retiring male docs.

There have been other attempts - but I find them unconvincing (again look at the commentary to see some of the best rebuttals of the articles main points - mostly it's apples to oranges).


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Alberta women kills husband - both drunk

This disturbing case is currently in trial in Edmonton - but I am astonished at how little coverage it receives - almost as though it doesn't matter!   I see from this report the jury consists of 8 women and 4 men. She had BAL of 0.159 - almost twice the threshold to be considered too impaired to drive safely (Blood Alcohol level of 0.08)

In a recent case where a man killed a EPS police dog received OVERWHELMING feedback and support - and the Federal government has already moved to frame a new addition to the Criminal Code called "Quanto's Law" that calls for anyone "who knowingly or recklessly poisons, injures or kills a law enforcement animal,” including a horse or dog" a maximum 5-yr penalty.

The same government sprang into action within weeks when "Gay Tourists" from America found they could not get a Divorce in Dec 2011.

Then how is it possible that our Federal Government can move so quickly on legislation in situations like this? Equal Parenting has not received such rapid attention - but police dogs and gay tourists have instantly.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Munk Debate: The End of Men

This much anticipated Munk Debate "Are Men Obsolete".

Maclean's Interview with Camille Paglia.

Feminists Ignore Biology, Dissident Feminist Camille Paglia Argues

Paglia believes we it is naive to think the ascent of women will accomplish any more than previous governments and all that will happen is we will become a Nanny State. Education especially deprives boys/male initiative and curbs their self-identity/esteem.  It is no surprise that the subjugation of women under Jihidist culture represents a dark shadow for modern western culture.

I hate Maureen Dowd - and Hanna Rosin.

Here is a thought.  While these self-congratulating women project their insouciant superiority as privileged white women.  But in truth Western Women are failing miserably at their divine mission - raising well adjusted families.  And they are no happier to boot.

Since marriage reduces the chance that a child will be poor by 80 percent, training for marriage should be a key part of a church's outreach to the poor. "We need to be helping cultivate the skills for marriage in communities that are in need."
Hymowitz argued that the decline in marriage has cultivated a new "caste society," where a child's future social status is determined by the relationship between his mother and father. She said what attracted her to the issue of marriage decay was its connection to "poverty and inequality." 
The major story "is less the rise of women and more the fall of low-income, less-educated men," said blogger Cathy Reisenwitz. With the decline of manufacturing, more men struggle to make a living and provide for their families. "Women are taking the lead in their own lives because they have to." 
The downfall of marriage "leads to women and men being less well-off economically and in every other way as well." She tied the uptick in mental health problems among children to the increase of divorce and the decline of men and women tying the knot. "Suicide, violence, depression, those things are directly attributable to the collapse of the marriage culture." 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Edmonton Feminist can not bring themselves to denounce the practice of Islamic Honour killing

I found it incredible that normally vociferous Feminist scribe at Edmonton VUE Magazine Danielle Paradis COULD NOT bring herself to denounce the practice of Honour Killings that was highlighted in a pulled an Edmonton Transit Ad Campaign by American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI).

Instead she spent her time deconstructing why such adverts are "Hate Speech" and justifying why she can accept such restrictions.    All of this from a gay newspaper!

Monday, November 11, 2013

How does Feminism relate to Autism?

Today I read this blog by an autistic women who finds herself ridiculed (or at least at serious risk of being threatened as useless) by Feminist "GroupThink" within Government because she is happy being a mother.

To believe this is completely contrary to Feminist Canon Law (if such a thing has been collated).

Then also by accident I saw this article that explains research which claims to identify autism in 2mth old infants.  Another sidebar article also identifies brain activity in women with Autism as male-like. 

Many have seen the movie about autistic women Temple Grandin - and how she overcame her extreme autism - or a high functioning variant known as Asperger Syndrome.

Is it possible that the real problem of Feminism is that they are generally "anti-male" in everything - encompassing sexuality, mental process, emotion and physical endowment.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

In Flanders Field

In Flanders Fields
by Colonel John McCrae, May 1915

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

One of the most asked questions is: why poppies? The answer is simple: poppies only flower in rooted up soil. Their seeds can lie on the ground for years and years, and only when someone roots up the ground, they will sprout. There was enough rooted up soil on the battlefield of the Western Front; in fact the whole front consisted of churned up soil. So in May 1915, when McCrae wrote his poem, around him poppies blossomed like no one had ever seen before.

As a surgeon attached to the 1st Field Artillery Brigade, Major McCrae, who had joined the McGill faculty in 1900 after graduating from the University of Toronto, had spent seventeen days treating injured men -- Canadians, British, Indians, French, and Germans -- in the Ypres salient.

It had been an ordeal that he had hardly thought possible. McCrae later wrote of it:

'I wish I could embody on paper some of the varied sensations of that seventeen days... Seventeen days of Hades! At the end of the first day if anyone had told us we had to spend seventeen days there, we would have folded our hands and said it could not have been done.'

One death particularly affected McCrae. A young friend and former student, Lieut. Alexis Helmer of Ottawa, had been killed by a shell burst on 2 May 1915. Lieutenant Helmer was buried later that day in the little cemetery outside McCrae's dressing station, and McCrae had performed the funeral ceremony in the absence of the chaplain.

The next day, sitting on the back of an ambulance parked near the dressing station beside the Yser Canal, just a few hundred yards north of Ypres, McCrae vented his anguish by composing a poem. The major was no stranger to writing, having authored several medical texts besides dabbling in poetry.

In the nearby cemetery, McCrae could see the wild poppies that sprang up in the ditches in that part of Europe, and he spent twenty minutes of precious rest time scribbling fifteen lines of verse in a notebook.

A young soldier watched him write it. Cyril Allinson, a twenty-two year old sergeant-major, was delivering mail that day when he spotted McCrae.  The major looked up as Allinson approached, then went on writing while the sergeant-major stood there quietly.  'His face was very tired but calm as we wrote,' Allinson recalled. 'He looked around from time to time, his eyes straying to Helmer's grave.'

When McCrae finished five minutes later, he took his mail from Allinson and, without saying a word, handed his pad to the young NCO. Allinson was moved by what he read:

'The poem was exactly an exact description of the scene in front of us both. He used the word blow in that line because the poppies actually were being blown that morning by a gentle east wind. It never occurred to me at that time that it would ever be published. It seemed to me just an exact description of the scene.'  In fact, it was very nearly not published. Dissatisfied with it, McCrae tossed the poem away, but a fellow officer retrieved it and sent it to newspapers in England.

The Spectator, in London, rejected it, but Punch published it on 8 December 1915:

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ontario Liberals want TSE companies to hire more women Directors

Recently the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan supported this "trial balloon" floated by untested Premier Kathleen Wynne that Corporate Board listing in Toronto must have at least 3 Female Corporate Board members by 2020 or face de-listing.  Response has been mute - only because it is unPC to say anything.

National Post columnist Matt Gurney suggested that if they want to invest their $160bn with that requirement - there is nothing stopping them - and the fact less than 30% of High School teachers are men doesn't seem to bother them - so they should get their own house in order BEFORE they begin lecturing the rest of us.

But the supposed "reason" for greater Gender Diversity is the idea that companies benefit somehow from these "affirmative action" quotas - but that evidence is flimsy indeed.   (In fact the supposed proof of the superior returns from female directors has not even been released - but "trust us" says female advocacy group "Catalyst" - dedicated to getting this kind of legislation through.)

However - this all seems part of a fairly well orchestrated plot as Catalyst groups in the UK are  demanding the same thing - although it has been going on a bit longer.

But guess what - none of the research is conclusive.  In fact it seems quite likely that they have confused cause and effect so that wealthy, well-performing companies may just be able to hire more women - rather the the other way around.

This report from Norway shows that stock performance dropped 10%.

Mike Buchanan - Men's Rights Advocate and leader of UK political organization Justice for Men and Boys.  In cooperation with A Voice For Men - Europe - they are dealing with feminist Board quotas in the UK and EU of 40% Women by 2020.


Monday, October 21, 2013

Sun News interviews Dr. Janice Fiamengo

Bio of Dr. Fiamengo

Oct 2006 - "The Minds of Boys"

Michael Gurian - author of "The Minds of Boys" - on why girls do better than boys in school.

He researched schools in 35 countries to find out why girls were outstripping boys. He believes the reason lies mainly with the learning differences of the two genders which are pre-determined by structural differences in the brain. Girls have a greater capacity for verbal skills, which encompass reading, writing and speaking, while boys have a natural advantage with spatial/mechanical skills.

and related.

Rachel Simmons - author of "Odd Girl Out" on how girls show aggression

Rachel Simmons is the author of "Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls". Whereas boys' aggression often takes a physical form, girls will be more subtle, using manipulation and name-calling or threatening isolation from their peers. (relational aggression - from Oct 2002)
Finally, Rosalind Wiseman who wrote best-seller "Queen Bees and Wanna-be's" about girls has just published a new book about boys called ""Masterminds and Wingmen" - details here.

This follows closely an academic speaker who came thru Western Canada recently - Dr. James S. Brown - who was pushing his book "Saving our under-achieving Boys".    Here is a YouTube Video of his talk.

And here is Dr. Christina Hoff-Sommers approach on the same topic.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Two excellent AVfM YouTube Video's

For some reason, these two video's from AVfM really struck me as excellent.


and then this article.

Pink Ribbon "haircut"

Now it is October we are facing the usual assault of Pink Ribbon fundraising events.    I must admit that it has long bothered me that these "Pink Ribbon" campaigns make no absolutely contribution to Men's Cancers like  Prostate - but I have just tried to remind anyone who approached me of that fact.

But recently there seems to some Pink Ribbon "fatigue" but - it is based on poor management rather than disappointment in the purpose of funds raised.  Only 8c of every $1.00  actually makes it back to Anti-Cancer Research!


Another Canadian Feminist plot?

Following last weeks outrage by feminists about the gendered phrase "In all our son's command" in our national anthem - apparently Margaret Atwood is behind yet another crazy campaign - the supposed lack of "equal gender" representation on our new plastic currency.   You can't make this stuff up!

Sun commentator David Menzies gives this all the attention this issue deserves.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Camille Paglia destroys Feminism

I just read this very interesting, recent debate by Camille Paglia.

She nailed it.
.... a volatility in gender roles is usually symptomatic of tensions and anxieties about larger issues. That is, sexual identity becomes a primary focus only when other forms of identification and affiliation—religious, national, tribal, familial—break down.
 I consider it completely irresponsible that public schools offer sex education but no systematic guidance to adolescent girls, who should be thinking about how they want to  structure their future lives: do they want children, and if so, when that should be scheduled, with the advantages and disadvantages of each option laid out. Because of the stubborn biologic burden of pregnancy and childbirth, these are issues that will always affect women more profoundly than men.
Similarly, our present system of primary and secondary education should be stringently reviewed for its confinement of boys to a prison-like setting that curtails their energy and
requires ideological renunciation of male traits.
But the majority of earthlings do seem to find clear gender roles helpful compass points in the often conflicted formation of identity.

I close with this question: is a nation whose elite education is increasingly predicated on the neutralization of gender prepared to defend itself against that growing challenge?

Chris Christie finesses NJ Govenors Debate

Commentary from Blog

In the end, the governor who earned his fame as a gladiator won Tuesday night’s gubernatorial debate with a chivalrous kiss on the cheek.
State Sen. Barbara Buono went first, and all she could muster was a sideways compliment that was grudging and quick: "He’s good on late-night TV," she snapped.

Then came Gov. Chris Christie’s turn. And he layered on the sweet tones as if Buono were an old friend who needed some cheering up.

"She’s obviously a good and caring mother and someone who cares deeply about public service," he said, turning toward her. "I would never denigrate her service."
Update:  Oct 17 - Cory Booker is new Senator from New Jersey. :[

Thursday, October 10, 2013

1st Anniversary of Amanda Todd's death

I saw this interview with Carol Todd - mother of BC teen Amanda Todd who took her life 1 year ago.

She has marked Oct 10 as Light up the World for Amanda Day - and she has many participants on her tribute website to her daughter.

But this U.S study indicates that teaching kids NOT to bully may actually INCREASE the level of bullying as they learn new tools/skills to torture their victims.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Sorry, it's Official

US adults are dumber than the average human

American adults scored below the international average on a global test, according to results released Tuesday.

Adults in Japan, Canada, Australia, Finland and multiple other countries scored significantly higher than the United States in all three areas on the test -  math, reading and problem-solving using technology – all skills considered critical for global competitiveness and economic strength.

Beyond basic reading and math, respondents were tested on activities such as calculating mileage reimbursement due to a salesman, sorting email and comparing food expiration dates on grocery store tags.

This might  be a contributing factor.

Oh yes - Canada is not much better at 15th and 16th respectively.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Positive contributions of dads

I have seen a host of interesting articles in the last few days - so I just thought I would list them here.

1) National Father Initiative: Why Do People Continue to Believe Children Don’t Need Fathers?

Includes references to a number of dismissive of not critical articles like this one.  Which I am sure prompted Brad Wilcox to pen this reply.

These Wilcox stats remind me of poster I came across a few years ago that trumpeted much the same list of "social deficits" of "Fatherlessness".

Here is a PDF of this same image.

The problem is most people blame Men for dropping out of their children's lives - whereas it seems equally as likely that women drive their husbands out of their children's lives in order to exact revenge and/or establish a new step-father.

2) Disgraced UW on-campus Feminist Megan Lanker-Simons has plead "no contest" to charges she fabricated the online comments she claimed were made targeting her for rape.  The hoax has laid bare the empty rhetoric of feminist Anti-Rape Campaigns the University.  Of course she has been a leading member of the campus Anti-Rape Campaigns until she graduated in the spring so she could enroll at another western university's Law faculty.

3) New, expanded definition of "Family Violence" in B.C Family Law Act effective April 1, 2013 that was used against a mother by a judge in M.W.B v. A.R.B who felt her actions had been the cause of much strife.
"... the mother consistently thwarted the father’s attempts to sell the property for a realistic price, resulting in a string of legal actions."
 "The father also had to argue for the right to see his 12-year-old son and teenage daughter one-on-one, after the mother ignored a court access order."
 "The “needless litigation” led the claimant to receive counselling for stress, precipitated a “very painful medical condition that has needed surgical procedures,” and hindered his capacity to spend time with the children, according to Brown."
 "I find the [mother’s] litigation conduct, related both to the selling of the commercial property and to parenting arrangements, considered in their totality, is a form of emotional abuse and harassment that constitute a form of family violence.”

Canlii link

Another bit of common-sense

h/t VladTepes

Saturday, October 05, 2013

DC Man who set himself ablaze dies

Two bizarre incidents in Washington DC during the fisrt week of the Federal Government Shutdown precipitated by the Budget/ Debt-Ceiling crisis caught the attention of many this week.

1) An unidentified man set himself ablaze on the Mall outside the Capitol.

We know nothing about him.  He is invisible.  No media outlet wants to uncover some vestige of fact that might help us understand WHY he did this terrible act of violence HIMSELF?

2) Another women puts herself, her child and countless others at potential risk - yet we are absolving her of any responsibilty?

WAIT Damit!  Stephan Molyneux has beat me to it.

UPDATE Oct 12 - Dead man is identified as John Constantino, 64, of Mount Laurel, N.J.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Cruel acid revenge

This is a cruel example of how an acid revenge disfigured this women.  The assault was committed by a young women and I sense it was related to that 7th Cenury religion.

More Canadian Feminist outbursts!

This is getting epic.  

1) Hard on the heels of my last post I have learned that assorted Feminists in the media (notably Tabatha Southey1 at the Globe & Mail and this self-professed lesbian writer at Macleans.) are frothing at the mouth about UofT English Prof David Gilmour for telling his students that:

I’m not interested in teaching books by women. ... when I was given this job I said I would only teach the people that I truly, truly love. What I teach is guys. Serious heterosexual guys. F. Scott Fitzgerald, Chekhov, Tolstoy. Real guy-guys. Henry Miller. Philip Roth.
But of course Barbara Kay defended his right to teach exactly what he wanted to - even though she doesn't care much for him.

2) And then Feminist hotbed York University is up in arms about being called a "Hunting Ground for Sexual Predators!" it has launched a libel suit against Toronto Life magazine.    The irony was not lost on bloggers as it is the kind of thing the Campus Rape Crisis Center has been selling for years - so why the enormous "volt face" and concern that it is being misrepresented now?

1) Her ex-husband discussed his feelings about their arrangement.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Chief Justice of Supreme Court affirms bias for Gender Parity

Continuing the bias that got her where she is today - Bev McLaughlin continues to lobby for "gender parity" rather than merit in Supreme Court appointments.

Canadian Feminists attempt to gain media attention - fail.

Perhaps because they sense their eroding power I was surprised to see TWO items in todays media featuring Feminist ideologues.

1) Removal of phrase "in all our son's command" from our National Anthem "O' Canada" that was changed in 1913 from "in us thou dost command".  This charge was lead by noted writer and feminist Margaret Atwood.   Interestingly - the Quebec french version remains un-challenged.

2) Femen protest at Quebec National Assembly over display of Christian/Catholic crucifix.

Of course it is related to a sad debate about establishing a secular state where  NO evidence of religious symbols are allowed - Christian, Hindu, or any other - so it is even more ironic that this disruption occurred to the left-wing PQ Government hanging by a thread-like seat margin in the provincial legislature.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Do you have a lock on your door?

 Then you are a Rape Apologist!

Or so goes the Feminist "Rape Culture" rhetoric behind Slut Walk.

I thought this YouTube video was a very good discussion of the "straw man" issue.

h/t blamethe1st

!Oct 8 UPDATE! - As incredible as it seems, Thunderf00t had to produce a rejoinder to this dead-simple video in order to straighten out some notable feminists (Rebecca Watson should feel lucky to be asked out for coffee if you ask me) and their sympathizers.  

Here it is, entitled "Stay Safe = You Deserve Rape"- and it's even better than the 1st above.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

And solve only half the problem

I discovered this image (below) somewhere on AVfM - but can't recall exactly where.

Using my ink-jet I printed to a tee-shirt via iron-on transfer paper that is easily available at most stores like Staples.


inverted (so it can be read when ironed-on to tee-shirt)
Here are same as letter-sized PDF's that can be printed out.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Edmonton women murders husband - was jailed for his assault in 2008

A woman who previously served time in jail for a serious assault on her husband has been charged with second-degree murder in his violent death.

In January 2008, Nyuk Hwang was charged with assault causing bodily harm against her husband, and she was later sentenced to three weeks in jail and two years of probation for the attack. The terms of her probation included taking programming as directed by the courts and her probation officer, including for psychiatric/ psychological, domestic violence, anger management, and marital/parental issues.


Shades of Earl & Dorothy Joudrie?

"Freemen Movement" being targeted

Last September (2012) Alberta Associate Chief Justice John Rooke delivered a very controversial decision concerning "Self Represented Litigants" (or SRL's) aimed primarily at a group known as Freeman.   It was a scathing criticism of these individuals who the courts feel are mostly there to cause problems and hold up legitimate court proceeding with self-declared legal mumbo-jumbo.

The written judgment (Meads vs Meads) has remained the most searched decision in the online legal database Canlii since release - and continues to be heavily reviewed internationally.

However there has been concern within the SRL community for Family Law that it will lead to unnecessary harassment and abuse  for LEGITIMATE cases.

Liberal Bias

Recently Prof Mike Adams of University of North Carolina responded to criticism that he was the "worst professor in NC" simply for saying that he believed that "marriage is a union between a man and a woman.”   Another Prof demanded that Adams be fired because of his definition of marriage.

He wrote the following in a letter defending  himself.

I’m going to describe the antics of ten professors, official campus groups, and invited campus speakers in North Carolina and let you decide which constitutes the biggest embarrassment to higher education.”
 The ten examples cited were approved forms of free speech in liberal academia.
  1. A women’s studies professor and a psychology professor at Western Carolina University co-sponsored in the early spring semester of 2013 a panel on bondage and S&M with the goal “to teach college students how to inflict pain on themselves and others for sexual pleasure.”
  2. At UNC Chapel Hill, “a feminist professor believes that women can lead happy lives without men. That’s nothing new. But what’s different is that she thinks women can form lifelong domestic partnerships with dogs and that those relationships will actually be fulfilling enough to replace marital relationships with men.”
  3. “At Duke University, feminists hired a ‘sex worker’ (read: prostitute) to speak as part of an event called the Sex Workers Art Show.” I am too embarrassed to repeat what the male prostitute did after his speech. It involved the rectum, a burning sparkler, and the singing of the Star Spangled Banner.
  4. “A porn star was once paid to give a speech at UNCG. The topic was ‘safe sodomy.’ After her speech, the feminist pornographer sold autographed butt plugs to students in attendance.”
  5. “A few years ago at UNC-Chapel Hill, a feminist group built a large vibrator museum in the middle of the campus quad as part of their ‘orgasm awareness week.’”
  6. “A feminist administrator at UNC-Wilmington sponsored a pro-abortion event. During the event they sold tee shirts saying ‘I had an abortion’ to students who… well, had abortions,” a not so subtle way to “encourage students to boast about the fact that they had killed their own children.”
  7. “The same UNCW administrator sponsored a workshop teaching students how to appreciate their orgasms.”
  8. “A UNCW English professor posted nude pictures of under-aged girls as part of an ‘art exhibit’ in the university library. The Provost then ordered the nude pictures to be moved away from the library and into the university union.” The incensed English professor asked the Faculty Senate to censure the Provost for violating her ‘academic freedom.’ The Faculty Senate sided with the feminist professor. The Provost was later pressured to leave the university.”
  9. “A different feminist professor at UNCW accused a male professor of putting tear gas in her office. She was later caught putting her mail in a microwave oven. She did this because she thought people were trying to poison her with anthrax and that the oven would neutralize the toxins. She was not placed on leave for psychiatric reasons. Instead, she was designated as the university’s official ‘counter terrorism’ expert.”
  10. “And then there is Mike Adams. He thinks marriage is between a man and a woman, and he is the biggest embarrassment on campus.”

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Modern "Love"?

I just saw this from same studio who made "Jobs" (biopic about Steve Jobs with Aston Kuchner - who looks identical to Jobs) - and it seems an interesting look at current challenge for romance - male and female "porn".

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Edmonton MRA gets some press

Over this past week there has been a flare-up over "Don't Be That Girl" counter-poster campaign run by (MR-E) to counteract the SAVE "Don't Be That Guy" campaign.

Here are the original SAVE Edmonton Campaign posters.

And here was one of the MR-E "parody" posters:

The feminist reaction in Edmonton was surprising and it was quickly picked-up across the country and then elsewhere.  A University of Alberta Women's Studies Prof - Lise Gotell and Cristina Stasia -
who had helped design the campaign alerted her comrades and the media "pile-on" was on. 

But it appears many didn't buy the charade.

Commentary by many on various news sites has been on balance against the Feminist interpretation.

And I kept track of some comments:

HuffPo July 10 - "Posters Say Women Lie About Sexual Assault" (CBC xPost)  149 - largely pro MR-E
Metro YEG Jul 11 - "Controversial poster group now taking aim at Edmonton Slutwalk" 36 - split
CBC Edmonton Jul 9 - "Posters say some women lie about sexual assault"  1,118 (closed) Pro MR-E
National Post Jul 10 - "Sometimes, assault accusations are false. A little awareness is OK" 262 Comments - Pro
Ed Journal Jul 11 - "Simons: True sexual equality the best way to fight rape culture"  Comments OFF

Some of the interesting articles:
A Voice For Men - Jul 7 by JtO  34 Comments
A Voice For Men - Jul 11 by Robert O'Hara  102 Comments
A Voice For Men - Jul 11 by James Huff (and Aisha James)  27 Comments
A Voice For Men - Jul 12 by Janet Bloomfield (Judge Bitchy)  42 Comments
A Voice For Men - July 13 by JtO    22 Comments
Meet the Predators (GirlWritesWhat cited source on serial rapist data) 370 Comments - not applicable
Sexual abuse on the rise at U.S. juvenile detention facilities Salon Jul 4, 2013 (Female staff rapists)

Finally, here are some Video Segments
MR-E targets(?) Slutwalk Edmonton - CBC Edmonton Jul 12 (2B held Sat July 27 - about 7mins in)
Don't be that Girl - CBC Edmonton Jul 10
Radio Canada Interview - CBC Jul 11  (only 10 sec used)


On the issue of False Rape Allegations - an ancient canard was trotted out by Karen Smith - Executive Directors of the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton - that False Allegations are only 2%.  It is almost embarrassing. She should get out more often.  Besides this being a U.S figure pulled out of no-where by Susan Brownmiller in her book "Against our Will" - it was actually an estimate of a range of 2-8% for all Crimes with 8% being the rate attributed to Sexual Assault.  But even that has been seriously doubted based on many studies.

Prevalence of Sexual Assault/Rape in Canada.
A very difficult topic with many confusing and seemingly contradictory explanations.

1) Very scary, big picture most often promoted by Women's Groups usually quotes a StatCan report  "Sexual Assault in Canada 2004 & 2007 by Shannon Brennen and Andrea Taylor-Butts p.12"

This reports that according to results from the GSS (General Social Survey - conducted every 5 years asking a large sample of Canadians about issues that effect them and their families) where it was determined that almost 2,000 out of every 100,000 person aged 15+ was "*Sexually Assaulted" - except that 81% of those "Sexual Assaults" were "Unwanted Sexual Touching" defined overly broadly as:
"Unwanted sexual touching: During the past 12 months, has anyone ever touched you against your will in any sexual way? By this I mean anything from unwanted touching or grabbing, to kissing or fondling."
 So - in fact - if we remove these inflated and vague characterizations we get 380 "true" sexual assaults per 100,000 persons.  This figure has been falling over the years consistent with other crime trends - but has not been updated for this survey since 2007Even 380 per 100,000 would imply 131,100 Sexual Assault incidents across the whole country (based on Canadian population of 34.5 million).

2) The next level of data are Police Reported Statistics.
Police-reported crime statistics in Canada, 2011 by Shannon Brennan.
 These cover 90%+ of the population's incidents reported to Police and under-write the opinion that many Sexual Assaults/Rapes are NOT reported.   Sexual Assaults of 21,800 in 2011 would imply that only 1 in 6 actual Rapes are reported (63/380).  The official Feminist line believes this to be more like 1 in 10 as they go with the laxer Sexual Assault/Rape definition described above.

3) Then the rubber hits the road with Actual Sex Assault cases.
Adult criminal court statistics in Canada, 2011/2012 by Jillian Boyce

We can see that at 6,200 Adult Cases and 1,250 Youth Cases (7,450 Total) are a far cry from 21,800 incidents reported to Police (as above).   This suggests that on;y 1/3 of incidents actually make it to the stage where formal charges may proceed.

Even then - of this reduced number - only 41% (for Adult Sexual Assault only) result in a Guilty verdict and almost half (47%) of these cases are thrown out. 10% are Acquited of the charges and free once again.

So is it now clear why there is so much confusion?

UPDATE (July 22)
It appears other centers are getting involved.  Here is a report about these posters popping up in "next-door" Saskatoon SK.  PDF

Also, here is GirlWritesWhat's final word reply to the kerfuffle over the feminists reply "Don't be THAT Anti-Rape Campaign".

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Alternative to Google

Given the recent disclosures about NSA tracking of people with help from Verizon and Google - I thought this was a good idea.   An alternative to Google search called

I have tried it and enjoy some of the useful extras like this.

Here was the inspiration.

Friday, June 07, 2013

The taxpayer costs of Feminism in Alberta

Recently a friend at ECMAS conducted a study of how much our Governments fund Women's Emergency Shelters in Alberta.  The results were shocking - among the conclusions:
  • Every Man, Women and child in Alberta gives $12 each per year to Women's Shelters (2010 data).
  • For each of the 6,200 women (and their 4,100 dependents)  it cost $4,500 for each visit (but for an indeterminate length of time).
  • These shelters turn away over 10,000 other women (and their 7,000 dependents) at least half of the time for failing to trump up a false sexual assault allegation - or for administrative convenience.  This is hardly the caring and sharing image portrayed.
  • No boys over 12 yo are allowed to accompany their mothers - nor are men admitted to these shelters (except for 1 in Strathmore).
  • Police, Firefighters, EMS and Military personnel (mostly male) have 3 of their own dedicated shelters for their staff only.

Interestingly, this is supported by information provided at the Minister of Human Services webpage about Women's Shelters*.

All this has been going on for 50 years now - but if you believe the Alberta Council of Women's Shelters (ACWS) Press - the situation is worse than when they started.   This is obviously FALSE - but these feminist organizations continue to perpetrate this fraud on the public to get them to cough up more dough.

But most important is that this generous funding provides a stable of women primed to defend "Official Feminist" dogma without question - as their livelihoods depend on it.   Certainly there is NO WAY to defend spending $4,500+ per visit to a Women's Shelter that to explain it as "Over-Staffing"

I say enough is enough.


* It states that:
"The government is investing more than $26 million in women’s shelters in 2011-12 to provide basic emergency services in 29 emergency shelters, four on-reserve women's shelters, and programming in two second-stage shelters. Included in this funding is support for 619 beds in women’s shelters, family violence outreach services to the community, and a treatment program for male victims of family violence.

The Alberta government invested an additional $1 million for 276 child care spaces in shelters to assist families fleeing family violence."
Totaling these two figures to $27 million is almost identical to the $27 million this report determines as TOTAL DIRECT funding for 34 Women's Emergency Shelters.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

How are boys treated in school?

A 5 year-old boy told his parents that his teacher was mean to him.  After hearing it for months and getting poor reports on their son (it was only Kindergarten!) they gave him a tape recorded to capture some examples in early April - almost near the end of the year.    This is what they found.

Is this just bad behavior by an errant teacher - or something more ingrained?
Possibly by Feminist indoctrination and endorsement?
Would this be perpetrated on a little girl?
I think we know the answers to these questions.
UPCOMING Public Lecture - Mon July 29@7pm.

Dr. James S. Brown will be in Edmonton to give a lecture on the Feminiszation of our schools and the harm it is doing to boys.

Stanley Milner Library  (Main Branch Downtown Edmonton)
7 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, AB T5J 2V4.
Tickets are $7 in advance online at
At door Tickets will be $10 cash (Doors open at 6pm).
(Mail cheques to ECMAS, 13920-135 Ave, Edmonton AB T5L 3Y8 - but must arrive by July 24)

Further details will be forthcoming.

July 1/13 - UPDATE 
Due to interest from other groups ECMAS has arranged a tour for Dr. Brown across Alberta and Saskatchewan - here is Poster of events locations/times and a Press Release with further details.

Mr. Big case flawed from the start

A few weeks ago the Bosco Homes Juvenile murder case fell apart.  Judge Burrows ruled the RCMP botched the Mr Big as the two juveniles were being manipulated bay many government employee's - including apparently a female government employee who was in a sexual relationship with one of the teens!

The case fell apart once that evidence was in-admissable.

The other lingering question is if the Mr. Big Sting is even acceptable any more - creating a huge potential for abuse by law enforcement.  Reason it is not allowed in the U.S or U.K anymore.

Recently members of The Innocence Project conducted a study of the Mr Big cases - and then wrote a book as well.  Their conclusion?  Toss it - the risks are too great that it will entrap innocents.

In the 2004 murder investigation, the two teens skipped town and were eluding investigation in Canada - so the FBI asked for the RCMP's help in their investigation.   Somehow a common entrapment technique known as "Mr Big" was used to extract a damaging confession - the evidence was subsequently used and deemed legit.  The two teens - Sebastien Burns and  Atif Rafay - were found guilty.

But finally - an Edmonton angle that has been ignored.  The unconvinced sister of one teen was Tiffany Burns - who happened to be a "temp" News Anchor for CBC Edmonton.  She was convinced her brother had been wronged and set about trying to prove his innocence - mostly using evidence ignored by the Court.  Then she did a documentary about it.

Here some past comments about Mr Big.



Friday, May 24, 2013

Made me laugh

It turns out the Dove Beauty Ad - the ones with the guy who looks like a Mafia Hit man - are wrong.

You Are Less Beautiful Than You Think

In the video, a small group of women are asked to describe their faces to a person whom they cannot see. The person is a forensic artist who is there to draw pictures of the women based on their verbal descriptions. A curtain separates the artist and the women, and they never see each other.

The idea is quite appealing. Perhaps too many women are unhappy with their looks. It would be a big relief if we all suddenly realized, like Christian Andersen’s ugly duckling, that we are in fact beautiful.

However, what Dove is suggesting is not actually true. The evidence from psychological research suggests instead that we tend to think of our appearance in ways that are more flattering than are warranted. This seems to be part of a broader human tendency to see ourselves through rose colored glasses. Most of us think that we are better than we actually are — not just physically, but in every way.
Inflated perceptions of one’s physical appearance is a manifestation of a general phenomenon psychologists call “self-enhancement.”

For example 94% of college professors, say that they do above-average work. 

Researchers have shown that confidence plays a role in determining whom people choose as leaders and romantic partners. Confident people are believed moreand their advice is more likely to be followed.

Feminists call this tendency "Mansplaining" and they like to entrap men into doing this so they can mock and humiliate them at some point.

But women like to make themselves look more attractive by obsessive body grooming, makeup etc  - thereby trapping a mate.

Which is better?  It doesn't matter until someone tries to tell you only one side counts.
Here's the parody.