Friday, September 28, 2012

Male Strike - new book coming

Noted blogger "Dr Helen" has declared she has a new book under development called Male Strike: Society’s War On Men  and it promises to be a huge hit.  Already the Fems are dissing it!

Helen Smith who blogs under "Dr Helen" is a professional Psychologist who has studied aggression, specifically focusing on teen violence and profiling/treatment of "school shooters". However, very little of her blog posting directly involves her professional work in this area - except to inform her that there has been alot of damage done by feminists ideology over the years - and she is a firm supporter of wiping it out.

This book idea apparently grew out of the onslaught of recent titles that appear to slag men

I eagerly await the release date of June 2013.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

NZ Infantry give Maori salute to fallen comrade

A touching ceremony makes one realize the positive aspects of integration of ancient tradition with modern society.  The first time I witnessed such a Haka display (disturbing at first) was at rugby matches.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Feminism is bad for your health.

The NYT ran the obit for 67yo "Red Stocking" Feminist founder, Shulamith Firestone.  She was treated for schizophrenia in the 1980's after she had written her radical polemics that made her as well known as Kate Millet, Betty Friedan and Germain Greer.

Her book "The Dialectic of Sex- The Case for Feminist Revolution" extended Marxist theories of class oppression to offer a radical analysis of the oppression of women, arguing that sexual inequity springs from the onus of childbearing, which devolves on women by pure biological happenstance. 

“Just as the end goal of socialist revolution was not only the elimination of the economic class privilege but of the economic class distinction itself,” Ms. Firestone wrote, “so the end goal of feminist revolution must be ... not just the elimination of male privilege but of the sex distinction itself: genital differences between human beings would no longer matter culturally.”

Sadly, her sisters have made that prediction almost true.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Feminists killed Kurt Cobain

Feminists killed Kurt Cobain

Feminists killed Kurt Cobain
Men my age are all the same
They hate themselves & feel ashamed
For what they are & cannot change

Little heads filled up with lies
Raised only to apologize
For thousand-year conspiracies
In gender-studies histories

Put down at home, drugged up at school
Helped to sit still & follow rules
Help follow what their teachers say
Look, see how well the girls behave

Men chastised, demonized,
Healthy males pathologized
A man is just a dirty ape
Longing, lust, desire: all rape
Your body is a loaded gun
And all that it has done is wrong

Girls demands are sacrosanct
Boys complaints beneath contempt
A 'good' man knows his sex is bad
The life of ease that he has had
A good man turns his back on men
Puts women first in everything

White knights, on their hobbled steeds
Still cling to laws of chivalry
Passed over by the queens they save
A joke to all the other slaves

Ashamed of all their endless wealth,
Those riches that they've never held,
The privilege we've never felt
Only endless shame
All of us the sons of Cain
Feminists killed Kurt Cobain.

Feminists killed Kurt Cobain
Who'd rather die than bear that blame
That curse he carried from the womb
Still with him laid out in the tomb

He screamed onstage & pierced his flesh
Put on make-up, wore a dress
Numbed the pain when he could score
Then shot his face across the floor

Feminists killed Kurt Cobain
Men my age are all the same
Generations X & Y
Hate themselves & want to die

Too late for them, too late for me
We've been what we were made to be
Can't turn back, can't start again
But then no-one can, I wonder when
The tide will turn, the waves will part
Our lives were laid out from the start

A man today's no easy ride:
Three-fourths of all the suicides
Nine-tenths of all the deaths at work
And more in war, dead in the dirt

Under hateful ideology
Hatred becomes ordinary:
A man in pain should make us glad
A man in pain should make us laugh

Each loss for men, each tragedy
Crowed over like a victory
A victory for who? Are we
not one? Are we not family?
Does our thirst not match your need?
If you cut us, don't we bleed?
Don't we grieve, just like you do?
Your loved ones torn away from you?

We used to walk in sunny glades
& share the cup of blessed rain
Warm each other winter nights
Watch children play through summer's light
Work together in the fields
Share the bounty of their yield
Stand together, sacrifice
& not be bought for any price

Now the girls get told get what you can
After all, he's just a man
You're right to think it's right to take
Yes you go girl, you make him pay
The girls get taught they must get on
Like work empowered anyone:
To sell your life for dollar bills
Taking calls & stacking shelves
In offices & factories
Fulfilment sought in drudgery

I'm dreaming of a brighter age
Where all are loved, where all are praised
For what they are, what nature made
Its words are heard & ways obeyed

Where prison rape is not a joke
To decent, well-raised gentlefolk
And mutilated genitals
A horrifying spectacle
No matter which land they occur
Regardless if they're his or hers

I'm dreaming, & I dream alone
This world's insane, as we all know
I sit & wait, I hope, I pray
The human race will find its way,

Feminists killed Kurt Cobain
Men my age are all the same
They hate themselves & feel ashamed
For what they are & cannot change
Too late for them, too late for me
I can't say what is going to be
This age will pass, & all within
& these words too, & me, & him
Where to next, nobody knows
The light is dim. But still it glows

RIP Curt Cobain
(February 20, 1967 -- April 5, 1994)

h/t LaudanumByron

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