Sunday, August 26, 2012

Responses to NYT - Men, who needs them?

Dr. Helen flagged this op-ed article "Men, who needs them" by a Boise State Biology Prof - Dr. Greg Hampikian in the NYT yesterday.

As offended as I am - can one REALLY take such a writer seriously?  Should we "take the bait" as offered?  It must be an attempt to provoke and indeed it did receive 312 comments over 26 hrs before comments were closed. (Even if it was the last weekend in an August - this does not seem enough!  Perhaps reasonable people have completely stopped reading this supposed "All the news that's fit to print" newspaper.  And who could blame them?)

I gained far more from reading the 312 posted comments than I ever could from the article.  But as Dr. Hampikian is also a member of the Idaho Innocence Project - I do feel sorry for those fellows on Death Row.  I would be even more depressed once I found out Dr. Hampikian was representing me - as it is obvious that he doesn't feel any man is worth the trouble.   In honour of this gratuitous insult I post the equally offensive generalization of women.


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