Monday, August 20, 2012

Tony Scott - brother of Film Mogel Ridley - jumps off bridge to his death

Huh, I guess wealth doesn't buy happiness either?  Why the famous brother/business partner of Ridley Scott - Tony decided to do this is an open question. Perhaps it was revealed in his undisclosed note. Maybe it had something to do with an unrevealed illness [Update: Denied by family] or trouble in his 3rd marriage with twin boys (they look about 8). Very sad.

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  1. Interesting comments made in last week about how most of his assets are wrapped up in trust with film-producer brother, Ridley.

    "In other words, the rest of Scott's multimillion-dollar fortune remains hidden in the family trust, and therefore, the $1.25 million figure doesn't actually represent how much his estate is truly worth.

    While officials are treating Scott's passing as a suicide, the official cause of his Aug. 19 death has been deferred for several weeks until the coroner receives the toxicology and other test results back."