Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Can a young boy be raped by an older women?

Just today I saw this report on FB - a 40 something male teacher in California was found guilty of raping a 14 yo female student -  and will serve 9yrs.  Among the comments were women who felt this was too light by far.

Last week in Saskatchewan, a 39yo mother was found guilty of sexual assault of 3 of her 14yo sons classmates.  She plyed them with booze and then had sex with them - in a threesome!  She was sentenced to 2yrs.

The difference in jail-time? Rape requires penetration and always carries a higher sentence.  In regular sexual intercourse with boys - it is obvious that penetration is not achieved - and hence the less charge carries a lesser penalty.

While is should not be relevant, and both adults were in significant positions of authority - these children were all sexually uninitiated.  It may just be the difference between both countries but I think not.

Does this seem biased?

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