Thursday, May 24, 2012

WTF - 74 yo Grandma shoots Grandson 6 times?

74 yo Detroit Grandma - Sandra Layne - shoots grandson - Jonathon Hoffman - 6 times dead. Hoffmand was staying with her to complete High School at Farmington Central High School. Jonathan had approximately eight entry or exit wounds and two bullets in his body.

His dad - Michael Hoffman - a prominent Metro Detroit divorce attorney who co-founded the American Divorce Association for Men had moved to Arizona last year but had no idea there was any problems.

Michael Hoffman said his ex-wife had talked to her mother earlier in the week, and she mentioned no problems with the teen who was living with her.  "She said everything was fine," Hoffman said. "We never had any clue."

West Bloomfield Township police on Saturday said they visited the condo on Brookview Lane in March because of a domestic dispute between the teen and his grandmother.

If there were issues, other relatives weren't aware of them. Hoffman said his ex-wife was in Metro Detroit when the March disturbance allegedly happened, and "there was never a mention," he said.

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