Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Gatti List" feature in new Boxing Program on HBO.

May 6 - Floyd Mayweather Jr. takes a hit from Miguel Cotto
Starting this week (May 16 in Canada) HBO is running a half-hour weekly news magazine on Boxing titled "Fight Game" with respected commentator Jim Lampley as Host.

I am also proud and touched that one of the regularly planned segments will be Jim's "Gatti List" - a weekly compilation of boxing’s most entertaining fighters - named obviously in honour of the ferocious Canadian welter-weight  boxer Arturo Gatti - who was tragically found dead under mysterious circumstances in 2009.

If someone had told me such a program would exist 20yrs ago when the pugilistic arts were under attack from all sides and appeared to be on its deathbed - I would have said you were crazy.   Thank God I was wrong.  The resurgence of interest in Boxing and Martial Arts gives me great hope that traditional ideals of manhood - honour, discipline and athleticism - are not dead.


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