Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dumb Actress

30 yo + hot Actress - Charlie Therzon gushes over her newly adopted baby. Fine.
She also gushes how her dog acts like a co-parent.
She is dead serious. Not.
This is delusional.
Hopefully the dog doesn't bit the child.

WTF - 74 yo Grandma shoots Grandson 6 times?

74 yo Detroit Grandma - Sandra Layne - shoots grandson - Jonathon Hoffman - 6 times dead. Hoffmand was staying with her to complete High School at Farmington Central High School. Jonathan had approximately eight entry or exit wounds and two bullets in his body.

His dad - Michael Hoffman - a prominent Metro Detroit divorce attorney who co-founded the American Divorce Association for Men had moved to Arizona last year but had no idea there was any problems.

Michael Hoffman said his ex-wife had talked to her mother earlier in the week, and she mentioned no problems with the teen who was living with her.  "She said everything was fine," Hoffman said. "We never had any clue."

West Bloomfield Township police on Saturday said they visited the condo on Brookview Lane in March because of a domestic dispute between the teen and his grandmother.

If there were issues, other relatives weren't aware of them. Hoffman said his ex-wife was in Metro Detroit when the March disturbance allegedly happened, and "there was never a mention," he said.

Dumb (volunteer) female coach

While unfortunate - it is somewhat gratifying that this unwitting and perhaps too naive women (who is a volunteer and is also married to the other volunteer male coach) - but she can basically thank feminists for this.  It was their influence that led to such unthinking and drastic "zero tolerance" regulations in the first place.    Of course, if you leave it local communities - they may not have made such a determination - but that is the way it works now.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Impact of 2x Standard aginst Men/Boys

Glen opens by mentioning it seems boy who see men being a dofus or jerk from the modern media would rather not grow up - and Glen feels this has led to boys feeling aimless.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Gatti List" feature in new Boxing Program on HBO.

May 6 - Floyd Mayweather Jr. takes a hit from Miguel Cotto
Starting this week (May 16 in Canada) HBO is running a half-hour weekly news magazine on Boxing titled "Fight Game" with respected commentator Jim Lampley as Host.

I am also proud and touched that one of the regularly planned segments will be Jim's "Gatti List" - a weekly compilation of boxing’s most entertaining fighters - named obviously in honour of the ferocious Canadian welter-weight  boxer Arturo Gatti - who was tragically found dead under mysterious circumstances in 2009.

If someone had told me such a program would exist 20yrs ago when the pugilistic arts were under attack from all sides and appeared to be on its deathbed - I would have said you were crazy.   Thank God I was wrong.  The resurgence of interest in Boxing and Martial Arts gives me great hope that traditional ideals of manhood - honour, discipline and athleticism - are not dead.


Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Avoiding Big Brother

Recently the huge over-reaction about the so-called "Robocall" scandel(ette) seems to have squeaked out it last breath.  Despite some pretty strong circumstantial evidence that someone (aka "Pierre Poutine") went seriously rogue accessing CPC data records to cull opposition phone numbers for odd robocall messages - Elections Canada has not been able to identify this person.  Still they took remarkable steps to avoid detection.   For that alone - it is a worthwhile read.


Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Vigilante Justice?

Recently, a group in Calgary launched a Sex Offender warning website that provides information about convicted sex offenders to the public.   The RCMP runs a registry created by legislation in 2004 (and strengthened in 2011) - but it is closed to the public.  In the wake of Graham James conviction of only 2 years [now under Appeal] for numerous sexual assaults against well-known, star Hockey Player - Theorn Fleury - it was discovered that pardoned offenders names and records are washed clean from the Ontario Registry.  Also, before 2009 only names were recorded and now that people with similar names are being harassed police are fingerprinting people on the registry.

Police are routinely reluctant to warn the public about possible threats - and in fact there are so many former dangerous offenders on the streets - that it would be an impossible task.   In their defense, the police insist that they are very careful because they provide factual disclosure (unlike others) and do not want to make situations worse by driving newly released offenders who are attempting to reintegrate - underground or un-necessarily panic the public.  Finally though there is ample evidence that concern over "vigilante" justice getting out of hand is not far-fetched - already a group in B.C has taken action.

This brings back the memory of another self-styled "vigilante" Stephen Marshall - who in 2006 fatally shot two fellows listed on the State of Maine Public Sex Registry - as it turns out for minor violations.  The troubled teen apparently used the registry to hunt-down and "punish" these persons.  The Police cornered Marshall in Boston enroute to Nova Scotia (presumably to visit his mother?) before he took his own life.  As a precaution the registry was pulled during the subsequent investigation.
Police and relatives have repeatedly said they're baffled that Marshall would research the addresses of 34 people on an Internet sex offender list in Maine, locate two of them, and then travel over 1,000 kilometres to his father's house in Houlton, Maine, before going on a killing spree.
These are not isolated  incidents and at least two other similar "sex registry" hunts have been reported - both vigilantes (men) who murdered their victims claimed they were sexually abused as children.  I have found this site that was setup to track Sex Offender issues.

Why the concern - you might ask?  Here is why.  A step father was jailed for 8 years on the charge of sexual assault of his step-son - but he didn't do it.  The boy was bowing to pressure and threats by his biological father who rejected the relationship his ex-wife had chosen.   Four years in the boy fully recanted his testimony - but the step-father was not released.  He served the rest of his time because the only way to overturn the sentence was by a Ministerial "intervention".  This says more about our Justice system's inability to self-correct itself than anything.  Charges of legitimate Sexual Abuse must be taken seriously - but clearly in this case they were strongly influenced by a family breakdown.  That is not unusual and many men are taken advantage of by a justice system that fails to distinguish between the two.

I have had my faith in our Justice system severely shaken by my experience of Divorce and I am very cautious about opening up records that have not been fully vetted into the public domain - notwithstanding I fully agree with the value of such "transparency" to the community.


2008Jan14 - Canada's Sex Offender Registry a National Embarrassment by MICHAEL FRISCOLANTI

Friday, May 04, 2012

Suzanne Hoff-Sommers - Super Bowl Hoax and other Feminist Lies

Excellent address that debunks the rationale for many of the feminist "statistics" as self-serving and harmful of western society.  She discloses the pervasive errors among DV research - Sommers call them fictoids (change of term factoids to indicate pervasive fiction).   Also, that DV is a pathology of Intimacy not Patriarchy.  Finally she mentions the experience of the young men in the Duke Rape Trial that was just a modern day witch-hunt.

Also, Christina Hoff-Sommers on how the Paycheck Fairness Act is a ripoff.

h/t Rod Van Mechelen at Backlash