Saturday, April 07, 2012

Bytown Beatdown

Last Saturday March 31 two Canadian politicians made us proud by stepping onto the ring for - as the top card for the 5th Annual Fundraiser for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.

40yo Hon Justin Trudeau showed 37yo Senator Patrick Brazearu a thing or two about Olympic Boxing that ended with his TKO 60 seconds into the 3rd and Final Round.    [Complete fight on  video above starts at about 5:00m/s.]

It was great event but I have decided that we need to bring this kind of event to every province.

My reasons are simple: 1) Iam sick and tired of the perpetual Pink Breast Cancer Fun Run Campaigns etc and 2) I hope this kind of Event will appeal to men and encourage them to improve their fitness - which is a major part of combating cancer.  I am sure I can find suitable support in Calgary and invite anyone who wishes to contrbute or participate to contact me for more details at

Sun News article.

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