Sunday, April 29, 2012

Promiscuity wanes? Why?

A recent op-ed in the NYT "Caring, Romantic American Boys" waxes poetically about how endearing it is that young boys are becoming more careful about their sexual initiation invoking visual comparisons to rom-com "The 40 year old Virgin".    But this article points out another obvious motivation - fear.   One boy says (perceptively);
“I could be screwed for the rest of my life.” Another boy said he did not want to have sex yet for fear of becoming a father before his time."
 And clearly:
"the American boys I interviewed seemed more nervous about the consequences of sex than American girls."
 Uhh - ya!  And they have probably have some real-life experience to draw from as in today's divorce culture children rarely have contact with their biological fathers.  So perhaps fear is behind rates of sexual initiation  dropping from 60% to 42% since 1988.

But I am not surprised that the decline for girls is less - as this only reinforces the "You Go Girl" attitude on reproductive rights.  Abortions are readily available and so keeping a child is upto the girl.  Typically a strong psychic reward is also available to girls/young women who have children.

But more importantly, this plays into the popular refrain about "Manning-Up" - the perpetual whine that boys are not evolving into marriageable men.  But if "Romantic Boys" never overcome their "fear of sex" then women will have trouble gaining husbands. And men who aren't interested in marriage also have less incentive to be productive workers or responsible fathers (a report I read recently suggested married men earned 19% more than non-married* men. *As distinct to un-married but in a marriage-like relationship.).

A reason for "failure to launch" indeed is the lopsided, unfair way women denigrate men - pure and simple.


Friday, April 27, 2012

U.S Equal Pay Act

April 17 is Equal Pay Day in the U.S commemorating the 49th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act legislated by JFK in 1963.  Typically - even today - feminists (and even President Obama) trot out the false stat that women are being discriminated against because they are paid less than men - using the "77c per $1" that Men make - which is a lie.    Kim Hymowitz of the Manhattan Institute has covered the topic extensively and after adjusting for hours worked (on the reasonable assumption that if you work more you get paid more) one removes about 10% of the difference.  When one adjusts for other factors that may lead to observable wage differences - parental status, experience, college major and industry - the gap falls to 7%.   This could be related to women having children and the fact women work fewer hours, choose less demanding jobs so they can parent their kids.  In fact a number of researchers have found that if you consider only childless women, the wage gap disappears.

A similar Canadian Study from the other side can be found here and it shows 5-15% gap - all explainable by variances in others factors like risk and specialty.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Atlantic Magazine - Why the U.S. Economy Is Biased Against Men

A must read article - plus these supporting documents - Women, Money, and Bias,   2010 American Time Use Survey.

Among the time use stats I found interesting:
  • among full-time workers (those usually working 35 hours or more per week), men worked longer than women--8.2 hours compared with 7.8 hours. Typically the feminist excuse for women working less is that they go on to do their "2nd shift" of domestic drudgery and obligatory childcare - but these stats show how much these tasks are now shared.  As well, fewer women are having children - or at least have fewer children - so this aspect would be captured as well.
  • women spent an average of 2.6 hours on household activities and while men 2.1 hours per day. 
  • women spent 5 1/2 hrs on secondary childcare of 6 to 12 yrs old and men 4.0 hrs per day. [see Table 10]
  • finally, we should remember that the reason for developing such stats in the first place was to understand how much time is dedicated to generating PAID WORK ACTIVITY - preparing for it, getting there, etc. Determining childcare and leisure was an afterthought. Also, they are very broad averages determined from surveys and for that reason alone, these stats must be used with extreme care to infer wide generalizations about families and individuals behaviors.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Contempt of Court charge over non-payment of Child Support in CO

This happens countless times in every state and province.
It is a shock to most men (I would be very surprised any women would be treated this way.)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Iraq: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

This article in NYT on weekend highlight the massive increase in suicides by U.S Military vets returning form service in Iraq/Afghanistan.  Currently 6,500 veterans take their own lives every year - a  ratio of 25 for every battlefield death although many feel even these suicide stats are an under-estimate due to the uncertain data identification challenges. One of the websites mentioned is Veterans for Commonsense.

Much of the photojournalism is by Ashley Gilbertson who's book is on this crushing subject.


Obit for Michael "Flathead" Blanchard

Sounds like a great guy to have a beer with - RIP.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Abusive Female Behaviour

Two very disturbing examples of extreme verbal abuse by a women - with husband alone and with children present in the car.

These examples must be remembered IMHO. They happen frequently but leave no discernible mark like physical abuse so often alleged to be perpetrated by men alone (*a whole other topic!) 

* The False Rape Society blog has now moved to the Community of the Wrongly Accused blog.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Titanic mangina

Among all of the articles I saw to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic was this execrable example titled "Women's voices missing from history of disaster".    I could not let it pass and uncharacteristically wrote a critical reply to the pathetic mangina intern.
What a disappointment that you wrote your piece about Titanic as a useful idiot for misandric feminists.
You even managed to find fault that almost equal numbers of men and women survived.
Why not compare the survival rate of women to children and ask why women did not make room for the 52 children who died?
Chivalry is the lapdog of Feminism.

Your title "where were the voices of women?"
Husbands in those days spoke for their wives and older daughters - if you recall the Alberta "Famous 5" case did not even occur until 1916.
But anyways the answer is easy, the women's "voices" were drowned in tears and private grief over the horrendous loss of their husbands, fathers, uncles and brothers.
Like this forgotten monument - erected in 1931 by "the women of America" in the spirit of "lest we forget," with a program of annual wreath-layings on the anniversary of the Titanic's sinking.

To the brave men of the Titanic.Who gave their lives that women and children might be saved.

That memory has been assassinated.
And you are an accomplice and a pathetic mangina.
Perhaps you should read and heed another National Post columnist.
Former posts that reference Titanic:
  1. May 2010 - Lusitania Sinks
  2. March 2010 - Titanic Hypocrisy of Feminists
  3. April 2009 - The Mens Titanic Society
[Late Update:  Intrigue of Parental abduction uncovered by mystery Titanic Victim.]


    Saturday, April 07, 2012

    Bytown Beatdown

    Last Saturday March 31 two Canadian politicians made us proud by stepping onto the ring for - as the top card for the 5th Annual Fundraiser for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.

    40yo Hon Justin Trudeau showed 37yo Senator Patrick Brazearu a thing or two about Olympic Boxing that ended with his TKO 60 seconds into the 3rd and Final Round.    [Complete fight on  video above starts at about 5:00m/s.]

    It was great event but I have decided that we need to bring this kind of event to every province.

    My reasons are simple: 1) Iam sick and tired of the perpetual Pink Breast Cancer Fun Run Campaigns etc and 2) I hope this kind of Event will appeal to men and encourage them to improve their fitness - which is a major part of combating cancer.  I am sure I can find suitable support in Calgary and invite anyone who wishes to contrbute or participate to contact me for more details at

    Sun News article.

    Gold-Diggers Canada Premiere

    Last week "The Real Housewives of Vancouver" premiered.
    It should truthfully be called "Golddiggers of Canada".  

    The show's producers Slice decided to go with a Vancouver show over Toronto, according to one casting consultant who tried to help recruit a Toronto cast, because the British Columbia "girls" were “hotter, richer and younger.”  They forgot to add "shallower and more materialistic" (if this is even possible).

    Black Widow - Melissa Ann Friedrich

    Fasinating expose of a trio of "cons". 
    [Unfortunately, this CBC video can only be watched from Canadian sourced IP locations.]

    The second segment (about 15:00 m:s) features a Canadian woman who preyed on lonely, elderly men - and who she then often married.   The clue for one U.S family who were concerned about their elderly father's newest girlfriend was when they ran a Google search on the women's name - Melissa Ann Stewart.

    They found she had been jailed for murder of her new husband - after she claimed he violently raped her.  She served 2 years in jail and then became a "cause celeb" for Women's DV advocates in 1994.  This was the year of frenzied feminist fear-mongering that culminated in VAWA in the U.S.

    The other two segments describe two other high-profile mysteries featuring "Mr Nobody" - an odd European man who attempted to have the Canadian government provide him an identity as he claimed not to have one and 2 brothers who claimed to be "the Bush Boys" - brought up wild in the B.C bush.

    Apart from the obvious deadly villainy of the "Black Widow" - the other two stories featuring the young men were essentially elaborate hoaxes - with a great deal of naive complicity by bleeding heart liberals, credulous news media who frequently provided "headline" coverage (most often it seemed the CBC was most eager to promote these stories in an attempt to discredit heartless, flinty-eyed bureaucrats!) and assorted supplicants of various PC sacred cows (Human Rights lawyers and DV Advocates).

    I feel that what this "Fifth Estate" program really discloses is that people make many compromises with reality in order to function in their lives and sometimes they get way out of hand.  While obviously dangerous if taken to extremes as it was in these cases, I am still not sure they are criminal - otherwise jails would be overflowing.

    Thursday, April 05, 2012

    What Islamic DV looks like

    h/t Atlas Shrugs

    Not to be confused with "Hate Crime" - the term from dystopian scifi  novel "1984" and now adopted by so-called "Human Rights" activists (and others) to denote idea that while not necessarily inciting violence - should be rejected as a "human rights" violation.

    How guys get had

    Florida Doctor claims "entrapment" by exotic dancer who was a FBI informant in a "pill mill" case.