Tuesday, March 06, 2012

University of Life - Part 3

Follow-up to previous post where young University Men and Women were asked to explain preferences and  expectations of existing boy/girl-friends and potential mates revel sharply divergent views.

I believe that difference is based on different needs/wants that boils down to sex.  This article reprises book "Female Sexual Power" that suggests that this difference is "Men want sex more than women".   From an economic viewpoint there is more Demand for Female Sexuality than Male Sexuality.

They go on to explain Baumiesters theory's on this topic.  Interestingly, Feminists are well opposed to this assumption because - wait for it - it is indicates Inequality!

Here was the main conclusions:
Gender structures in the society
The third important dimension of female sexual power lies in its structural effects. Have you ever wondered why…
  1. …female romantic sexuality is an acceptable form of sexuality, while men’s sexuality is sick and perverted? 
  2. …women’s magazines dominate the official politically correct sexuality, but PUA guides are morally questionable?
  3. …men are the more disposable sex?
  4. …men must usually make the first move in the relationships and risk the rejection?
  5. …men must pay on dates?
  6. …laws are against men’s behavior and not against women’s behavior?
The answer to all those gender structures lies in female sexual power. Women’s sexual resource (Erotic capital) manifests itself in gender structures that are beneficial for women.

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