Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012 Predictions - a sampling

I don't tend to look for this fluff - but the media does - and it is kinda fun.

• I predict that the Republicans will win the Presidential election. [Whew! That is a relief - but who? Paul, Gingrich or ?]
• A member of royalty will die in a car crash within 6 months. [I suggest the most likely to be Prince Harry on DUI]
• Another US leading politician in a sex scandal. This time an easterner.  [Was this before Herman Cain?}
But these barely even qualify as predictions at this point:
• I predict a baby for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge this year. [Duh - rumours already flying about]
• I predict that the Euro will drop below $1.25US before the end of May.  [This barely qualifies as it is already 1.30!]
• I predict that both Greece and Portugal will default this year.  [Again - Duh]
• Middle East tensions will greatly escalate in the fall. [When doesn't this happen?]

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